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  • FPS Optimization Tips

    By reading the title of this thread, you may have mistakenly thought this was a thread in which I would give tips on optimizing FPS in Natural Selection.

    Quite the contrary.

    I have recently noticed that I have had an awful lot of FPS slowdowns during hectic sieges etc, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I am hoping the community could lend some suggestions (however seemingly obvious) on optimizing FPS (frames per second). Just a couple lines of your config that you think are particularly useful would be nice.

    I know some people use replacement packs. Models, I believe, but I'm not sure. Where would one aquire these low-poly packs, anyways?

    Thanks, in advance.


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    Re: FPS Optimization Tips

    Low Poly Packs:

    I use these low poly packs for marine structures, and all alien and marine models.

    These are low poly world models, I don't use these yet but I might soon:

    They have a few various low poly alien structures under a "low poly" search at NSA, but they don't look very good so I just use the originals.

    Video Settings:

    V_sync is always off for openGL, and no anti-aliasing or antistropic filtering enabled.
    gl_max_size 128 (512 is what I use to use, I think its texture scaling or detail level)
    mp_decals 200 (IIRC, 200 is the default decal stay rate, I'd imagine 0 would bring this down a bit)
    NSlearn use to have a page of visual tweak cvars you could use such as the "mip_near_linear" or something like that, but the site seems to be down again.
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      Re: FPS Optimization Tips

      That HA suit looks like it was built for Xena.


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        Re: FPS Optimization Tips

        low polly models? why not just get all red ones or ones with huge spikes that extend through walls. NO.


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          Re: FPS Optimization Tips

          Anorexic marines ftw.

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            Re: FPS Optimization Tips

            Let's keep these posts very on topic. I'll leave the last three alone, as they serve quite well as examples of what we can do without in this thread. :)
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              Re: FPS Optimization Tips

              Ok I will attempt to be useful. I figured I could personally use a performance boost so here are some commands I came across. Feel free to experiment with them, some will give you significant fps boost at the cost of visual quality. These combined with the poly packs should give you very playable fps.

              These were meant for cs actually but they should also work in ns. Through quick testing of these I went from 37 average fps to 75 (my refresh max). I believe all of these work since I got no errors when executing the config, but some may have no effect on ns itself I suppose. Hope they help you out.

              If you have access to the "new" official ns forums (at unknownworlds) then perform a search there, you may find other useful tweaks.

              //Sets the maximum size of all textures in the game including walls, player
              //models , gun models ect. Default is "512". I use "64". Dont got below "64"
              //and always use multiples of 64 , ie 64,128,256,512
              gl_max_size "128"

              //Another good command for boosting fps , controls rendering quality.The
              //following settings are listed in order of speed , first being fastest but poorest
              //quality , last being best quality but slowest.
              //GL_TEXTUREMODE "GL_LINEAR"

              //Sets the sound quality , 0 being low and best for performance , 1 being
              //high and best quality sound. On older computers setting this to 0 can make a
              //large difference , but the drop in quality is extremely high
              hisound "0"

              //A big boost if you find your fps dropping during fire fights. Basically it turns
              //off the gun model on screen, so you wont see it. Not good if your a fan of
              //custom models but does stop some of the big fps drops in combat. "0" is off , "1" is on
              r_drawviewmodel "0"

              //Deals with the filling in of cracks between textures or surfaces.Set to "1" and high
              //quality will fill them in , set to "0" and fastest it wont , resulting in dots appearing
              //between the junctions but more fps
              gl_keeptjunctions "0"

              //Sets the rendering quality of player models. Can be set at "0" which is best quality but
              //slowest, "1" which is medium , and "2" which is worst quality but fastest
              gl_playermip "2"

              //This set of commands controls displaying of blood.Set to "0" and no blood , improving //fps.Set to "1" and blood will show. I use "0"
              violence_ablood "0"
              violence_agibs "0"
              violence_hblood "0"
              violence_hgibs "0"

              //Another one that controls texture quality.The lower the number the better quality
              //graphics, higher the number the fastest
              gl_round_down "100"

              //Sets the height of waves in water. 0 being fastest.
              gl_wateramp "0"

              //Sets the number of decals to be shown. Decals are used to draw bullet holes in walls as
              //well as custom tags/sprays.Set to "0" to disable completely , "300" is default
              mp_decals "0"

              //Sets dynamic lighting(ie reflections ect) , "0" being off and fastest , "1" being on and
              r_dynamic "0"

              //Similar to dynamic lighting , controls reflections on objects."0" is fastest and off , "1" is
              //slowest and on.
              r_mirroralpha "0"

              //Controls the blending of textures together. "0" is off and looks best but is slowest."1" is
              //on and is fastest, however cracks between textures may show.
              gl_clear "1"

              //Turns dithering on and off. "0" is off , "1" is on. Use 0 for best fps.
              gl_dither "0"

              //Upper bound on allowable fps I believe.
              fps_max "100"
              fps_modem "100"


              I love gaming, mmmmmmmm


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                Re: FPS Optimization Tips

                This is GREAT. Many thanks.

                "Who put the fun in dysfunctional? I." - Aesop Rock

                "Cuz you can choose to say 'Good morning, God! =)' or 'Good God, morning! =(" - Blackalicious


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                  Re: FPS Optimization Tips

                  Hopefully this will help my low fps problem! My cfg got wiped with a crash and then going back to an old cfg my fps are lower than 15 on a team and lower than 30 in ready room.
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