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Summer is coming....

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  • Summer is coming....

    What will you be doing this summer besides playing NS.

    I'll be riding my motorcycle.
    Going to college. (bummer)
    Hanging around drinking.
    Parties are always fun.
    Enjoying the weather.


    P.S. NS forums have been slow, Post up.

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    Re: Summer is coming....

    just be careful with the "drinking," you definitely don't wanna end up as an alcoholic

    now as for me, if the situation goes well:
    trip to taiwan
    after return, get ready for college
    read the newspaper (no, not

    if the worst should happen:
    college workshop
    get ready for college
    play less games
    and study hard


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      Re: Summer is coming....

      1. Work 40 hours a week for the rest of my life.
      2. see above.
      3. Game when I'm not working.


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        Re: Summer is coming....

        Ah, summer..

        A trip to New Orleans.
        A trip to Italy.
        And maybe in the fall, if I can find the time, go back to Brazil.


        3) Support game play in a near-simulation environment. Where the focus of play would not be solely on doing what it takes to win, but doing so utilizing real-world combat strategy and tactics rather than leveraging exploits provided to players by the design of the game engine.


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          Re: Summer is coming....

          What's the difference between summer and winter?

          Oh that's right, some of you are in school... :D
          "Go sell crazy somewhere else... we're all stocked up here."


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            Re: Summer is coming....

            Cheer up there cave, you get to go outside and play with your kid.

            Enjoy it when they are small cause sooner or later they get to be like us. (winy little teans)

            Also, I have school during the summer!


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              Re: Summer is coming....

              go on some diving trips
              go to colorado for a friends wedding
              continue hanging out and drinking with friends
              continue working
              go to japan ( though thats more at the end of summer ) to meet an army buddy.
              travel to north carolina a few times to hook up with some friends.

              It's gonna be a good summer :)


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                Re: Summer is coming....

                Play Outside
                Lan parties
                Oh yeah,

                P.S., going on a school trip to San Diego in 1.5 weeks :D
                I live in TN, and going to CA! :D
                (Band trip :P)


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                  Re: Summer is coming....

                  Well, I'll be cutting grass, lots of it.

                  I'll also take a trip some place by myself.

                  Then, when it's a rainy day, since you can't cut grass in the rain, I'll be sleeping, alot.
                  - 52


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                    Re: Summer is coming....

                    Lets to first command, probably go on deployment, try to find an apartment and leech off tax payers dollars and hopefully play games. That about sums it up for me.

                    2 weeks leave at home
                    Report to first command
                    Be bitch on my ship
                    Struggle to find housing
                    Play games
                    Do nothing

                    Yep. :icon_wink


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                      Re: Summer is coming....

                      Road Trip, wOOt. Me and a couple of friends are going down to arkansa, then Virginia beach, and if we have time then california. We are going to work our cars hard, hope we make it.

                      oh yeah play some games
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                        Re: Summer is coming....

                        Well I wanted to go to the Glastonbury festival but tickets and friends who can afford tickets are both hard to come by, so I don't think that will happen. I will be going to a big music festival in Leeds (where I live) plus a small local one.

                        Me and two mates are planning to go to Europe but we are still debating about when, where, how much, and how. There is also my birthday and some family birthdays. If I get any spare time between all that I will be working in a bar again I imagine.

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