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  • What's that? You're a Supporting Member?

    Earlier this week I signed myself up for a TG subscription, and I've had a curious, persistent need to explain why and to what end.

    I have played on the TGNS server long enough that I can't particularly remember when I first found it and I suppose that in itself would qualify me as a regular. However, I do think I can remember the first time I ever played, under my first NS nick (this being the second). I don't recall the specifics of the game, other than I found myself on a well coordinated marine team that I was not accustomed to seeing, for I have always been on the PUG servers without ever taking even a fleeting glance at competitive play. And it's strange that in the haze there were two things that actually made that particular game stand out in my mind. But there was only one thing I think that made me remember the server and ultimately this place. And that was at the end of the game, a TG person whose name escapes me said something akin to "For more games like this, visit"

    Strange how something like that would stick, but it did. So for several years I kept coming back when I could find no other game to satisfy the particular niche NS has created. I have been aware over time that the server is run out of somebody else's pocket for most of my stay, yet I never felt the need to buy a subscription. This was due in part to the fact that I was prone to disappearing for months at a time and didn't care to see money spent on a service I wasn't constantly using and that I also didn't trust the security of online forms of payment. Also, since I was a server regular, registered and with the pre-requisite 500 points to bump people I couldn't justify to myself spending money just for a reserved slot on the NS server, and lived with having to wait to join during peak nights.

    More recently though, as I found I kept returning to the server time and time again, I did start to consider exactly how much time I had spent playing here. In fact, as I've said before, there came a point where I just stopped going to other servers entirely. My occasional experience NS'ing in other places when TG was full tended to reinforce that.

    So one day last week I was bumped due to slots while playing. It's happened before. But that particular night I crashed, bumped or was disconnected three times in about fifteen minutes and was left staring at the connect screen. I believe that, excusing obligatory profanitiy, my mindset was 'That is IT!' and I ran my way over to the TG site and started rummaging around for membership info. I have been using online transactions much more recently, and my past fears about insecurity be damned I got myself a year subscription. Although, why a year?

    As I figured it, regardless of how much or how little I play NS in the coming months that for all my past gaming that the people who run the server were entitled to something for several years worth of play, and are honestly probably entitled to more.

    Now that I have a subscription I am finding that the benefits are worth the expense, despite the fact I am soiling my little icon through keeping it at the bottom of the scoreboard. I am enjoying and rather ruthlessly exploiting my reserved slot, obviously. But I don't think I was ever aware that supporting members became temp admins when there wasn't an official one present. And while recently there are a number of supporting members on the server, in the past I remember going through great pains when there weren't any admins present, such as 2v2 or 3v3 Bast games.

    And that brings me to the end of what I wanted to say. Call it gratuitous positive press if you will, since in the end I think I should've been donating a while ago.

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    Re: What's that? You're a Supporting Member?

    While it may seem we do in how we design the server's plugin behavior at times, and while we all hear folks speak up from time to time, the administration tries not to get in everyone's faces, personally, about helping to pay the bills around here, despite what is often a very frustrating experience, working day in and day out for such a large crowd, only a minority of which finds that effort, and the experience it makes possible for them, worth kicking back some money to help pay the bills every month.

    And that's largely because we respect that each of us is able to do financially only what each of us can do, and that ability is driven by several circumstances, most of which are none of the administration's business.

    But it can be frustrating at times (for me, anyway). And little messages like this really do help to counter that. I, for one, welcome our new Supporting Member overlords.

    Thanks for the note, Fleeb. It really means a lot. Keep soiling that icon. It's all good.
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      Re: What's that? You're a Supporting Member?

      Thanks for the backgrounder Fleeb, it gave me warm fuzzies.

      I joined for totally different reasons. Wyz said he was going to hand-deliver me a chicken pot pie and I'm still waiting. :icon_mad: :icon8:
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        Re: What's that? You're a Supporting Member?

        Nice. Wyz has actually given me my chicken pot pie zib. Neh neh neh, boo boo.


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          Re: What's that? You're a Supporting Member?

          I joined for similar reasons after (IIRC) wyz was commenting in the readyroom after a good game about how really cheap $9 is a month in comparison to the amount of time you spend nightly on the server. I had been thinking of doing it anyways as I had been throughly enjoying the server nightly up to that point, but that argument really made me think about it logically.

          That's maybe a little more than you would pay for 1 fast food meal a month, so that put it into perspective :D. I have never received a pot pie :~(.
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            Re: What's that? You're a Supporting Member?

            I decided to jump on the SM bandwagon after getting to the point where i could afford it. I'm on a relatively limited budget and had some stuff to pay off before I did, but i'm there now. My decision to become a SM had very little to do with the NS server really. I first found out about TG through the lunixmonster boards (which several people here were part of) and decided to check it out. After about a days worth of play, i finally registered on the forums and took a good look around. Over about the next 2 weeks, i came to love the community and really caught on the full breadth and depth of it all, all of the games the community plays, all the servers that are run, all of the things that we have at our disposal, through the core benefactors and the donations of SM's. I've never had a problem contributing to any great community that i've been a part of in my gaming tenure and TG was certainly no exception, so I decided there and then that as soon as I had the means to do so, i'd contribute. Granted, I enjoy the extra goodies that come with the membership, but moreover, its the warm fuzzy that I get from knowing that i'm helping this place to survive and flourish. Yeah, yeah, im a sentimental fool, but so are a lot of you, deep down. So shut up.

            And I never even got so much as a promise of a pot pie. But now im jealous. Wyz, sounds like you better get to baking us some d1nn4r. :D


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              Re: What's that? You're a Supporting Member?

              Hey where is my Chicken pot pie?


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                Re: What's that? You're a Supporting Member?

                I actually probably would have got a membership but when I was seriously considering it there really wasn't much of my summer left, and I knew the moment I got back to college my ability to play would be severely killed... I'll probably end up getting a membership next summer, but until then I shall be like a ghost! And you'll only catch glimpses of me as I haunt the server every once in a while!


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                  Re: What's that? You're a Supporting Member?

                  I'd like to share my Supporting Membership moments.

                  Most of you are unaware, but I did purchase a Supporting Membership at one point, and I gave up my EQ2 account for it. It was cheaper, of course, but that didn't much matter.

                  I was about 16 or so, and I wasn't paying for it anyways. I regret that now, because I, personally, never contributed to the server. My grandma did, so I guess I should be YerGranny or something, but I'm not. I purchased the SM for the wrong reasons, and I realize that every time we discuss SM's. I've grown up quite a bit since then, and I know now why I would purchase my membership, but now I can't afford it at all. Me or my grandma, lol.

                  God knows if I could afford it, I'd be in the foxhole like the rest of you are. Once upon a time, YerMom graduated from his PLC course, and actually got that 20$ an hour job, and got a platinum membership. Look forward to that. That's all I can really say.

                  Yer Mom /O>

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                    Re: What's that? You're a Supporting Member?

                    This thread came at a good time. I've been rummaging through some hardware to sell off so I can get a SM. Before I stopped playing NS years ago, I mainly syaed on a couple of British servers and endured a 175 ping, just because I hadn't found any US pubs that had the kind of teamwork those did.

                    Obviously, I must have never tried TG...
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