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Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.

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  • Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.
    These reliable, fun titles are the old favorites you consistently look to for amusement and solace after a bad gaming session, a bad day, a bad week.

    This was posted to slashdot, but I thought it might be interesting...

    Post your top three 'comfortable' games, and the why/what of it... The original article says 5, but three will mean you are more limited... and i expect everyone's first to be NS anyways.

    Here are mine:

    Natural Selection-
    I've played it for a good... well, something like four or more years now. It's just an awesome game, and it's online which is part of the reason it's so good. I'm pretty sure we all love NS here. :P

    Super Mario World-
    I've never beat this game, but it's one of the games I view as like the epitome of good control and gameplay and everything. It's just so much fun to run around. I should really try beating this game some time. This is one game that I tend to play any time I turn on my SNES.

    Megaman X-
    Another absolutely awesome control scheme. I hate these games because it seems like the order you are supposed to do the enemies is completely random. That is, random in the sense that there is no way for you to know without looking at a FAQ. On the other hand, beating a boss out of order is so satisfying. It's a great game with great control. It could have been done a little better, but I still love it for what it is. (I have beat this one though! ...with use of a FAQ to find the proper order)

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    Re: Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.

    I saw this article and didn't think much of it at the time. But now, seeing you post about it got me to thinking. Anyway, here goes:

    1. NS. Duh.

    2. Tetris Attack. If you've never played it, it's a puzzle game where you have to switch tiles around to make rows/columns of 3 or more. I start to fall into a trance after I play a round or two. There's a great multiplayer mode too, which is best played against the computer. The problem is, if you set the computer on its highest level, the game usually winds up slowing down, and isn't too much of a challenge anymore.
    Also, it's Yoshi's Island themed :D

    3. Cave Story ( This is a free game from 2004 that purposely looks like it was made in 1994. It's a platform/shooter somewhat like the old Metroid, and it has a surprisingly good storyline with multiple endings. It only takes about 10 hours to play through, so if you haven't heard of it, give it a shot.

    Also, if my friends want to get in on some relaxing gaming, Worms Armageddon and Starcraft are our favorite choices.
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      Re: Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.

      I wouldn't say NS. I don't play it to unwind. In fact, multiplayer games are generally bad for this kind of thing (you'll notice their list doesn't include any).

      1.) Grand Theft Auto: (fill in the blank). It's the omnigame, so I can decide to take out my agressions on some pedestrians or just take a nice easy motorcycle ride across the countryside and kind of wander around.

      2.) Katamari Damacy. No game could ever approach Katamari in terms of chill. Especially the sequel which, despite it's flaws, had several levels which were simply reward levels. Not to mention crazy chill stuff like the nighttime firefly and space rollups.

      3.) Sim City. Mmm, watching buildings grow.

      4.) Myst. Mmm, watching 3d animated grass grow.


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        Re: Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.

        I've never played Katamari. It always looked like such a stupid game to me.
        NS may be a multiplayer game, but it's got a special place in my heart. :D

        It's just one game I've never got bored of, and that's partly because it's multiplayer.


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          Re: Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.

          Top 3 besides NS and fear ( Fear > NS btw)

          1. Diablo II - most addicting game I have ever played. I have to say (though most will probably disagree) that the idea was genius. It just had so much replayability and it was still fun after reinstalling it a couple months ago. Heard a rumor that blizzard created diablo III and it was in the playtesting stages, but they got rid of it because it just wasn't the same as diablo II and they are starting over.
          2. Starcraft - second most addicting game I have ever played. The game was so balanced and the mini games that people created are so fun. Looking forward to the second one.
          3. Source Forts - I enjoy making myself a little bunker next to the ammo and med and to spam nades at the other team. Would be more fun if it had a bigger playerbase.

          What didn't make the cut for me.

          Doom II - it was just too repetitive.
          Half-life 1 and 2 - After you play fear, why would you even want to play half-life again.


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            Re: Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.

            Comfort games... well, WoW for instance is a good choice to buy for your mentally retarded 80 year old grandmother who has no movement except for her tongue, because of its required skill level.

            Now for "comfortable" games (which is a fancy way of saying "games with replay value") I would go with:

            1. NS

            2. JK2 (Release Version 1.02)

            3. SSBM

            By the way Yoshi, Tetris Attack is indeed the nuts. Also: google Crack Attack sometime.


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              Re: Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.

              1: NS

              2: Chess

              3: Need for Speed (Anything after Underground 1)

              Basically that's it.

              Yer Mom /O>

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                Re: Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.

                Without providing TMI, I'll say that any comfort games I have are not sitting in front of a screen, instead they include the wife.
                aka Roland tHTG


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                  Re: Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.

                  Originally posted by bentring View Post
                  Without providing TMI, I'll say that any comfort games I have are not sitting in front of a screen, instead they include the wife.
                  All of my comfort games include your wife too...

                  Just Kidding.


                  1. Starcraft - Timeless Classic - I love to play specifically the multiplayer Use Map Settings maps.

                  2. Mario 64. - My favorite Mario game, SMW and SM3 are both good, but the 3d flying, is I think what did it for me. I sometimes play it again just for kicks and to see how fast I can get stars.

                  3. Natural Selection - When I am in the "zone", its like driving my car, or having sex, there is no better feeling. NS lets me get in that zone on a regular basis. Like the other day, when I was fading up a MS(2 hive regening mid flight), and talking on the phone. now that takes a little skill, and puts me in the comfort zone.

                  4. Sim games- Maxis is good for these, Will Wright and spore looks like it is going to rock.


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                    Re: Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.

                    And herefore let it be known that whenever Pat's score tops 30 he is quietly having sex with his computer... (while fading)


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                      Re: Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.

                      1. NS

                      2. DoD - not that source crap

                      3. Starcraft - I love Big Game Hunters


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                        Re: Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.

                        Figure I might as well pipe in for whatever reason...

                        1. Starcraft/BW back when I played it fairly religiously... Actually played in and designed maps for WCG for a few seasons. Don't think I got past the top 100 in any one of them, however. That's when I'd end up against one of the scary professional (and I DO mean professional, the punks were and still are treated in the same regard as sports celebrities in the U.S.) South Koreans and I would get dominated within 15 minutes... Haven't played in about 5 years, admittedly.

                        2. NS -> combat on low skill menu servers for "leisure" -> classic maps are require too much concentration to prevent the game from becoming frustrating. "Overbalanced" co_ is a way for me to unwind. Nothing makes me feel more at peace when I know I am hated after hearing many expletives over the mic as my 100+/0-5 fade kills another marine...

                        3. For a third... EVE-online. Yes, I play that MMO. I like that game because I can write papers or do other work while keeping a fleeting watch on it. Nothing more satisfying than knowing that I don't have to play to improve.


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                          Re: Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.

                          1. Tetris

                          2. Tetris

                          3. Tetris


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                            Re: Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.

                            1. Dungeon Keeper 2 - it fun, relaxing, and it nice to have little minions that don't require any real order, but are reliable. (think NS comm mixed with The Sim and C&C, and being evil, and medieval times) I keep a Win 98 install just for this.

                            2. TGNS - Such a fun game.

                            3. Non-TG NS - i love to go pawning of other player every now and then.
                            Current game name : Lost, Phantom Thief


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                              Re: Top 3 'Comfortable' Games.

                              1. NS - yuuuuuuup.
                              2. BF2 - I used to play BF2 all the time when I worked at a gaming LAN, sadly my laptop can't hadn't bf2 so I just play NS.
                              3. C&C Games - Basically all the Command & Conquer games...yup.




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