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  • CAL-ns on Life Support

    I know chuckers already posted a thread about this already, but I thought I could give a bit of clarification.

    Let me explain this entire situation with CAL-ns. A portion of the front page says this (full news post can be found at <url removed>):

    CALeague’s Natural Selection division is coming to a close. It’s been a great 10 seasons for all who were involved. I’d like to thank the developers for providing such an amazing game that has never received its rightful praise. I’d also like to thank the select players who have kept the league going while maintaining a high-level of professionalism. In addition, I’d like to thank all the CAL staff, past and present who have kept this division alive and well for so long.
    This abrupt end of CAL-NS came as a surprise for much of the community - not only in North America, but in Europe as well. It sparked an immediate outcry and eventually led to a Ventrilo meeting several hours later involving a good portion of the community. There, the head CAL-ns addressed some main concerns.

    The primary reason CAL-ns| Joshua gave for closing the league was the lack of active teams. The number of teams has been dropping steadily over the seasons, but Joshua felt that last season showed an all time low in both activity and number of teams.

    Another concern Joshua had was the lack of professionalism and sportsmanship in the league. These two issues were immediately addressed, and members of the community who attended the meeting vowed to hold themselves to higher standards of conduct.

    However, he suggests that if there was renewed interest in the league, there is the possibility of it reopening. If you’ve never tried competitive NS, this may be your only and last chance to do so. If you enjoy teamwork and high-level play, there is no alternative.

    Contrary to belief, clanning is not incredibly time consuming. All that is required is six players to show up every Sunday around 5:30 PST to play two rounds of ns, one marine and one alien. If the other team consents, the match can be played at a different agreed upon time. Although practicing against another team (often called “scrimming”) is completely optional, it can be a great deal of fun and improve teamwork and skill tremendously. Scrims are rarely arranged and can be found against another team simply by advertising in #findnsscrim on the Gamesurge server on mIRC. Sign up your team at <url removed, CAL website>. The ability to create teams is still open.

    If the attitude of the community is what has detered you, I assure you much has changed in light of recent events. Many dedicated members of the competitive community would gladly mentor any upcoming clans. Ops from my clan in #xensity or #nslearn would be glad to help. I’m positive many others would be willing to help too, but I don’t want to burden them with obligations without their consent

    CAL-NS is a considerable facet of the NS community, whether it's visible to this community or not. Many of us refuse to let it go after enduring through numerous seasons. Whatever your decision, I encourage you to watch these videos of Natural Selection play at its best, as they are priceless memoranda of top natural selection clans from around the world: <url removed, visit the website. Most notable are Fananation, Team Exigent: Ascension, Terror, Reign of Terror, and Natural-Selection Jumped 1 &2.

    If any of you need any clarification or help getting started, feel free to pm me on these forums or on mIRC in #xensity, #nspickup, or #findnsscrim as xen-enigma, or talk to me in-game (many of you know me as [ trance – enigma` ] or Have a seat _/) .



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