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  • Bots on the CO server...

    I was wondering if there was a way to code a specific set of bot commands into the sever, so that when we do use bots we don't use only skulks or onos (yer mom!)

    Is there a way that we can balance the Co bot games
    perhaps, if we had 6 marines we could set it to

    24 bots

    2 onos
    3 fades
    4 lerks
    15 skulks

    and if we get 2 more players, an extra 2 fades and 2 lerks would get it rolling.

    I know that bots are only to fill the server, and that it's completely secondary to the normal nature of everything, but I do tend to spend some time on teh server in 'bot mode' and it's really hard to pass time filling the server with a lvl 3hmg/jp and 30 skulks running around...
    really kinda boring actually

    I was thinking

    /bots (#) (Level)
    level 1 = all skulks
    level 2 = some gorges
    level 3 = lerks, 1 fade, skulks
    level 4 = fully balanced team

    Is this possible?
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    Re: Bots on the CO server...

    I'm not sure if this is what you were looking for:

    sm_chat <message>: Send a text message to all Supporting Members (including admins). If you bind a key to "messagemode sm_chat", it will function as typical chat without needing to visit the console.

    amx_tagline <tag>: Display a short message when you connect to the server

    wbmgr <fill|add|remove|clear> [preferred Class]

    * fill: fill the remaining slots on the server with bots
    * add: add a bot
    * remove: delete a bot
    * clear: clear all bots
    * preferred Class: the class you want aliens to eventually gestate into

    wblvl <count|name> <lvl>: set <count> bots (or the bot matching the name you specified) to level <lvl>

    Example usage

    * wbmgr fill gorge
    fills all available slots with gorges (they start as skulks, evolving into gorges as levels allow
    * wbmgr add gorge
    individually add gorge bots
    * wblvl 4 5
    sets 4 bots to lvl 5, this enables them to evolve to chosen lifeform faster (either instantly or after death).
    * wblvl Iron 5
    individually sets the bot "Ironhide" to lvl 5.
    * add 3 gorge bots, 1 lerk bot, and sets these 4 bots to level 5
    wbmgr add gorge
    wbmgr add gorge
    wbmgr add gorge
    wbmgr add lerk
    wblvl 4 5
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      Re: Bots on the CO server...

      I was more thinking of a script I could load into my config so that instead of manually writing everything out, i just just press a button and it would load them all for me (exactly as i'd planned out).
      Or, have it serverside (but that's a Wyz job, and he get's grumpy when we ask about plugin's... :P) and be able to use /bots to set teh desired ammount/quality/type of bots on teh server
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        Re: Bots on the CO server...

        A clientside cfg file with a binding a bunch of "wbmgr add"s and "wait"s would do just fine, ne?
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          Re: Bots on the CO server...

          I personally can not stand any of the bot lifeforms except for skulk... so I always go:
          p_wbmgr fill gorge

          It makes for some entertaining gorge rushes :P




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