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  • Recomended settings?

    Hi I recently started messing around with FPS in Natural Selection and I seemed to have gotten better settings, making everything look smooth and all.

    My Hardware:
    - NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 card (a DirectX 7 card, I think)
    - Hyunia LCD 19" screen
    - AMD Duron processor
    - 768 mb RAM

    Not the best, I know, but with Natural Selection I raised the FPS rate to 100 from the previous default of 72 and saw an immediate smoothness. I Also I was told since I have an LCD screen I should have V-Sync as well as Triantisopic filtering. Is this true and is it to my benefit? I tried it all except for the Triantisopic filtering(or whatever) and it looked chopy

    Again all help will be greatly appreciated :)


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    Re: Recomended settings?

    Check out these two links for understanding on how vsync, AA, and the likes affect things and just play around with the settings.

    On the second link, on page 6 to be precise, it's suggested that you may want to try using a lower resolution that your LCD's native to get some "free" AA. With an older videocard such as yours ( I used the same one for a while with NS) you may want to give that a shot.

    The recommended settings will ultimately be up to you, and you'll have to play with all the settings a bit to find a good medium, but I would (and did) be gearing my setting towards performance rather than eye candy until you can get a newer card.
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