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  • Stacking

    I've been whining, I'll admit it, but my whinery comes with just cause, I assure you.

    I've played since about 3 PM today. Throughout the games I've played (estimate about 20), 6 of them were stacked to the point that the opposite team was decimated. I've been on the winning and losing side of this, so I suppose I have to take a bit of blame.

    It's getting to be a bit more redundant during day-time games, and late night games. Admin are present to balance, but it seems to me that they choose to join a team first, then wait for the teams to join themselves. Balance is used during prime time almost all the time, but VERY rarely do I see it being used during early day games and late night games.

    I realize that I'm killing team morale by saying "It's over, it's stacked" but when your team has 3 ?'s and two reg'd players, and the other team has a full stack of TG Icons and reg'd players who are COMPLETELY over-skilling your ENTIRE team put together, it's stupid to even try to play.

    Then the game gets dragged out 15-20 minutes while the marines build and party on the map, and the aliens rush out and die almost instantly.

    6 out of 20 games today. 10 out of 20 tomorrow. Balance was made and written for a reason, and I think it's the admin's (temp and perm alike) responsibility to use it.

    Yer Mom /O>

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    Re: Stacking

    OK, so you had a good combat round (fade vs 3 marines, not much to slow you down). But then you played a losing round of NS. Tough cookies. You began complaining less than a minute in to the game, a 4v4. You continued to complain non-stop as more players joined and filled up the teams.

    Losing does not mean the other team is stacked. If you want some icon stacking power, by all means, visit the subscription page. Unfortunately due to mathematics, it is impossible for an even number of TG tags on each team when there's only one person on the server with a TG tag.

    Look at this cap of the endgame (complete with your threat of reporting the game). That's about as fair as you could ask for at 11PM EST on a weeknight, and you ought to play on some other servers if you think that's stacked.


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      Re: Stacking

      If you really think its an issue, PM an admin, and we'll look into it.
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