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Playtest this Friday (from Flayra)

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  • Playtest this Friday (from Flayra)

    Found this on the Constellation Forum a few minutes ago:
    Hello Constellation members!

    As you've probably heard by now, NS v3.0 beta 4 will be released this Friday evening. I want to make sure the gameplay changes (especially in Combat) are going to work well, so we're going to be having a playtest before release.

    This playtest will include Constellation members and Playtesters, and will be at 1pm EST, this Friday. We're going to organize and meet on IRC:

    IRC server: GameSURGE
    channel: #nspt
    password: **** (go to for the pw if you're a member)

    If (and when) this IRC password changes, you can go to the webbed password thread in the Constellation forum for updated information.

    The patch should be around 10-12 megs, and will install over beta 3. After installig it, you won't be able to join beta 3 servers. You will probably also need to download the beta4 release once it's official. The changelog will be posted privately in the Constellation forum when the patch is released (the details are still being worked out).

    Feel free to discuss this in #nspt or the Constellation forums before then. See you Friday, and thanks!



    Charlie Cleveland ([email protected])
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    Re: Playtest this Friday (from Flayra)

    This seems like as good a place as any to mention the following:

    I'll be doing my best to get the NS server running beta4 as soon as it is officially released to the general public. I appreciate your patience as the transition happens. Obviously, there will be some server downtime. When beta3 happened, that downtime was 5 to 10 minutes.

    Also, I'll do my best to get the officially-released beta4 client in TG's download section for supporting TG members as soon as I get a copy of it.
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      Re: Playtest this Friday (from Flayra)

      You rock.


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        Re: Playtest this Friday (from Flayra)

        Would 'playtesters' include veterans, by any chance?


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          Re: Playtest this Friday (from Flayra)

          Originally posted by Nordbomber
          Would 'playtesters' include veterans, by any chance?

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            Re: Playtest this Friday (from Flayra)

            My message too short fix was better than yours.




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