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  • display problem

    ok... i'm alive.

    old computer blew up. here's what i have now which might relate to my problem:

    amd 64 x2 4600+
    gigabyte k8u 939 mobo
    radeon 9550
    xp pro x64 running .NET platform 2.0 beta 2

    everything finally works fine... just like it did under xp pro 32 but ultra fast. except NS. it's weird. i have the latest catalyst control center / driver for my vid card (the x64 build of course).

    i go into NS and it says "display doesn't support downloadable game" and the screen is black. i can hear the sound and everything, just no video. until i hit ESC. then i see a still of what I was looking at. I hit ESC again to go back tot he game, and it's black again.

    no idea on this one... i suppose i could run around hitting ESC on and off :) anybody have any ideas?
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    Re: display problem

    No time to explain why I'm saying this, and, frankly, I have no idea it'll help (someone smarter than me, please chime in here)... play with the cl_gammaramp variable in your console, and try changing it in your config file before you start the game (dunno if console sets take effect immediately).

    The values are 0/1. I could be way off, but that error message sounds like something someone cooler than me once solved for someone else with that CVAR.

    Forgive me if this proves to be a huge waste of your time.
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      Re: display problem

      thanks for the ideas. i think you were right, paranoid. i gave up after i saw the message because every conflict with x64 so far has been a driver / compatibility issue.

      i'm running a free utility called object dock because i'm pretty used to mac equipment, and it wants to stay on top no matter what, so what must happen if i don't disable it before going in to a game is it will compete back and forth with the game for the highest z-index. the two of them alternate between the highest until i either give focus to NS or disable object dock.

      ensuring that NS receives the highest z-index until in game seems to fix the problem for the most part.

      i'm still seeing the error message when i hit ESC or showscores. additionally, the names for both aliens and marines are green, and the menu cursor / showscores icons are black. i don't know what the deal is... but, i can live with it if nobody knows what's up with it.
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        Re: display problem

        cookie, wyz is in fact absolutely 100% correct.
        I had this very same issue on a 64 bit/winx64 machine previously. Type cl_gammaramp in console and set the cvar to the opposite value (i.e. if you type it and it says 1, type cl_gammaramp 0 and vice versa.).
        It will fix not only your "game does not support downloadable gamma ramps" message, but also your minimap and scoreboard problems too (if you're having them, i did).




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