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  • Development Blog Update

    The Dev Blog has been updated with a few more tidbits of information.

    They talk about Zen of Sudoku for a bit (borrrinnggg), and then start talking a little about NS2...

    In NS2 development, we've been having some problems trying to figure out a good way for us to work. Many time zones, no office and a team that hasn't really worked together has presented some challenges in trying to do highly interactive art tasks like creating the art style and setting other high-level bounds for the game. We have weekly team meetings but our free-form work style doesn't work well for everyone. We're going to start setting more specific (and probably smaller) milestones instead of "Create NS2TR".

    So our main focus right now is defining enough of the high-level game so we can create a technology release that we can give to the mapping community. This will be a public release and will be called the "NS2TR", for Natural Selection 2 Technology Release. We did this with Natural Selection (called the NSTR) and it was great for getting people excited about NS, for getting mappers and for attracting new talent.

    The NS2TR will include dynamic infestation, a slimmed down Commander Mode, a base set of materials, the .FGD (defines our game entities) and probably a couple surprises. I wonder if anyone will Skulk-race in it this time around?

    Max has been hard at work getting our code base into shape. We're official Source licensees this time around and it's already paying off. It'll be great to tweak the engine that's really the right way to go.

    That's about it for now. With Zen getting wide distribution, I hope to finally take the financial pressure off us long enough to make the NS2 we are dreaming of. Until next time and happy holidays!
    This makes me happy. :)
    I'll get to see NS2 earlier than I thought, even if it is just a Tech Release.

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    Re: Development Blog Update

    I'm looking forward to the NS2TR. I have designed a few levels for NS, but never really polished them up.

    Might as well wait for this now...
    birdie_in_Texas:ok..i feel stupid here..what is "NS"..? Wyzcrak:Natural Selection. Don't feel at a loss for not knowing the acronym. Feel at a loss for not having experienced the game.




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