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What time is everyone on?

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  • What time is everyone on?

    Well latley I have been logging onto NS and looked at this server and nocticed that nobody was on. Now I have trouble believing that because I stopped playing NS for a little while the entire server shut down, so I will ask everyone "What time do you log onto NS during the day"?

    This is so I can log on when everyone else is on

    if you could also name time zones that would be great.
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    Re: What time is everyone on?

    Which server, 3.1 or 3.2? The 3.2 server is the one that is full most of the time now that we got most of the 3.1 server stuff in.
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      Re: What time is everyone on?

      I wont be on until midday on the 26th. I'm over at my parents house for xmas and wont be home until then. Hopefully I can get my graphics card sorted out enough to play for more than 20 mins at a time after I get back home.




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