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  • best server!!!

    ok guys, this might sound cheesey but this is honestly the best server i have played beta4 on, repsawn times are great, awesome rules, low ping, and great players.
    but i have 1 little problem...the server is almost always full!!!! sometimes i dont even play NS cuz i cant get into TG. hehehe

    so i was wondering...could i posibly get a reserved slot there? i would really enjoy it...cuz alot of times i cant get ill let u guys decide....but i hope so!

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    Re: best server!!!

    great to see you here!
    and yeh, for nine bucks a month you can get into the server whenever plus more features, see the tg homepage for more info


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      Re: best server!!!

      edit: Man you guys are too fast.. two posts while I was typing this.. <sigh>

      Two ways:
      One: You can become a paying member I think they have a first month for a dollar deal going on till midnight. You can kick anyone but other paying members.

      Two: You can play on the server enough to become a Reserve slot regular (like myself) which can kick pubbers. Hopefully with time, members will like you enough to nominate you for a spot. Just post a request in this forum. You won't always get in though.
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        Re: best server!!!

        Rabbit, I'm very pleased to hear how much you enjoy our server. It also makes me chuckle when I read your comment about sometimes foregoing play elsewhere, as many people here feel the same way.

        Look at the "Important Threads" thread, and read about Reserved Slot Regulars and Pseudo-Random slots (in that order). Those will explain what options you have when it comes to how easily you can join the server.

        You'll see references to memberships in those threads, about which you can learn more by clicking on the "Memberships" link at

        Here's to more fun games. :)
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          Re: best server!!!


          i sux0rs really bad :P




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