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NS_Nexus beta 3 test available

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  • NS_Nexus beta 3 test available


    So, Nexus has finally come to beta3. Beta 2 was released on Nov 7, thread found here, so its been nearly two months until the next version. As i dislike releasing version after version, i try to get each as polished as i can.

    I'm releasing this 'beta 3 test' so that hopefully one or a few of you could provide any amount of feedback, or even an in-depth review like how some of us enjoy doing :p. Whatever the feedback is, it will absolutely be considered before ns_nexus_b3 is released all over. And by all over, i mean the 8 or so server forums I have bookmarked :P. I will also be putting this version through the channels to be considered for official.

    The main drawback of this test is the minimap. The beta 2 minimap had everything labelled and coloured; there have been a few significant changes to the minimap, and I havn't been able to get it updated yet (still gotta learn photoshop...).

    But, I included a basic buildminimap file, so you'll still have the basic minimap. Everything else should be near-b3 release. I might darken the pulsating Nexus Mainframe light a bit, but that will be determined after a bit of testing.

    So if anyone will, please, check it out :D

    Thank you very much in advance,


    ...and please keep posts relevant

    Download NS_Nexus_b3_test here

    Current Changelog:

    **Beta 3:
    -renovated Chromo Hive: Higher hive, new reachable spot, more cover, more lighting
    -removed vast majority of func_nobuilds in the View Halls and Rings, because Chromo cannot be sieged from there anymore
    -fixed weldable corridors near double: much more onos friendly (fits them now) and newb friendly (no more dead ends)
    -removed weldable door, corridor from Double to Port Shaft is now open
    -fixed onos stuck points when MC'ing to bottom hives (two spawns per hive)
    -lowered all weld times (7 total weldables now)
    -placed a location name on the Starboard Shaft res node
    -fixed onos stuck points in nexus and chromo
    -added ladder to the Gorges' Hideout in Engineering Halls (since gorges should be able to exit their hideout)
    -fixed sinkable structures in marine start
    -fixed all ladders. You can now approach from the side and not be stopped. (this was about 25 ladders)
    -fixed all 'dead end' situations in Mag Pump overhead vents
    -gorges now have easy access to the ladders in the bottom hives (noobs couldnt find their way out before :p)
    -removed some extraneous vents, to simplify map
    -removed the Rings from around the two Shafts to simplify the map
    -over 9000 visual upgrades (estimate)



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