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    fps_max 76
    cl_cmdrate 76
    cl_updaterate 76

    rate 20000
    cl_rate 10000
    cl_interp .05

    I have a cable modem on a fast line, get a ping usually just below 50 and my lcd monitor's max refresh rate is 75. I turned vsync off.

    No reason to stress my video card more than necessary, so i set my fps_max to 76. I set cl_cmdrate to my fps - no reason to update when I can't see it on my screen. I set cl_updaterate to sync up as well, though really this should just be the server's fps (Any admin want to post what fps our server runs at?).
    cl_rate 20000 because thats the max the server allows and cl_rate 10000 because my upload is slower than my download.

    Any comments?

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    Re: Rates Help

    cl_updaterate 30 (server isn't higher then this I believe)
    cl_rate 20000

    I usually leave interp at default.

    Oh yeah, next time try searching this forum. There are like 10,000 rate threads.


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      Re: Rates Help

      I searched for 'rates' should have searched for 'rate' ... thanks for the help.


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        Re: Rates Help

        Ok after playing around a bit the only rates that give me zero loss and low choke is cmdrate 151 updaterate 151....this makes no sense but i'm stickin to it because otherwise i get tons of loss and/or choke...

        Could this be my router too? I am at home so I am using an old Apple Airport Extreme.


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          Re: Rates Help

          It's the 'extrememe' that's messing with your rates. Take some White-Out to that and you'll be set.
          Former TGNS admin until WoW blinded me with flashy lights.


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            Re: Rates Help

            Turn your cl_cmdrate up to 81. You can drop your cl_updaterate to 60 (x2 the default tic-rate of the server) and be fine. Put ex_extrapmax to 2, and turn ex_interp as low as possible without seeing too much yellow/red on your netgraph.




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