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  • Thanks..

    You have to be able to communicate with your team..
    I don't have a mic, I just got banned for not being able to type faster then people talk, one guys like move to "double", comm places lab, & I build it & start heading to double, then I get kicked, come back & someones like Period you need to beable to communicate with your team.. [ But not one person seemed to notice when I said to call me Dot. =\ ] So I finally get to "double" theres some fighting I die, come back, res node gets put up & some ones like Powerbuild it, so same time some I see some one calling me Period again along with a bunch of other messages, so I go help build the node, bring up the console to see what was said & I get banned?
    Maybe if you gave me a second to type when theres no fighting or no order to build something I could have responded, Maybe had you seen when I said to call me Dot I could have responded faster.
    Tell me I need to communicate, then don't listen yourselves.. Didn't even get the chance to tell you to call me Dot for a second time, tho I could just stand there & let every one else build & fight as I type, but then Fades kill fast so I would rather help the team then aruge with them.

    So thanks for the Ban

    PS: Calling Jack Fred to get his attention doesn't work to well..

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    Re: Thanks..

    You need to direct your attention to the SOP's and then follow the correct procedure. Posting in public is not going to help your case.
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      Re: Thanks..


      Randomname, please check your Private Message inbox. Our server bans are handled privately and not in the public space.
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