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  • Awol

    Hey everyone. Been a while since I've been around, and I feel I owe you all an explanation. Not my style to disappear suddenly and forever.

    About 3 months ago I started a big moonlighting gig. After a month and a half of consulting for them, they made me a full-time job offer, which I accepted. While I traded working two jobs for one, my workload at the new place is, shall I say, sufficiently large. :P I won't be seeing a lighter load for at least another month. Project deadline is July 1st, so after that's out of the way I should have time to become active at TG again. Man I miss gaming...

    I'll try to sneak in a few games before then, but no promises. Hopefully my skills haven't atrophied too much :)
    "Hardly used" will not fetch a better price for your brain.

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    Re: Awol

    Great to hear from you verbose. As Tom Bode-ett (sp!?) would say, we'll leave a light on for ya.
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      Re: Awol he IS alive!
      good luck with your job, hurry up soon i cant wait to kill you again :)




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