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The "Post your picture here" Thread!

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  • The "Post your picture here" Thread!

    I'm starting it, since all of you have probably seen me already.

    There. Now post your pics in this thread! Please, keep it on topic, and no fake pictures, please.

    It's always helpful to put a face with a handle.

    And I know half of you want to see what h4x looks like :)

    My personal curiousity: Wyzcrak and Tempus, and all members of vicious who I haven't seen.

    ALSO: Absolutly no negativity. Actually, don't even comment on people's looks, positive or not. I'm sure it's hard for people to post their picture in a public place...except for me, I really don't care :)

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    There is no upload image on this forum?[/img]
    I'd throw away everything I've written you
    anything... just keep me mind off it
    thinking how I had you once
    no, I can't forget that

    ...sometimes i wish i could lose you again...

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      Uh oh...

      I guess not. Well, Email me your pictures at [email protected] , and I will post them on my webspace.


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        Well, since I don't want to break h4x's heart yet, I'm going to let some of you have a chance first... 8)

        But mine is ready.. I am interested in seeing the faces of Wyzcrak, Emanon, billybob, and Cobra. :twisted:

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          No one loves the Pokerface... :(
          Bah to all of you! :)

          Here's me... my daughter took it, hence the odd angle. The smile, however, I usually have... ;)
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            lol that is not how i imagined pokerface looking like... but then again, i imagined pokerface to be like the joker from batman. lol.

            man, i feel left out. I don't have kids, and probably won't for at least a few more years :P. Being 17 will do that to you.

            there's a link to bash2k2 pics in the general forum... i can't seem to find it right now but it has tycho in it, at least.


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              Kewl!! I'm not allowed to post my picture but I'm sure I can sneak one in, after I recharge the batteries of my camera! Then I'll send it to you, Miko!


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                Oh yea want a piccy of me in my new bikini?



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                    hah, j/k, no WAY!


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                      Originally posted by Sasuke
                      man, i feel left out. I don't have kids, and probably won't for at least a few more years :P. Being 17 will do that to you.
                      I would hope so. And I avoid cameras. I have a webcam, but its quality is Mikos's X 0.000001

                      That being as it may, this does look rather like me:

                      I am the one, I am the zero, I am your low resolution hero.


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                        My personal curiousity: Wyzcrak and ...
                        I am interested in seeing the faces of Wyzcrak, ...
                        I'll be signing autographs in the lobby after the show. :)

                        I've seen better looking photos of better looking people, and this is a couple of years old, but it should help you get the idea.


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                          yeah, my pic is all over the bash 2002 stuff :)


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                            That's about right wyz :).
                            Mine will be up shortly..... Maybe even today


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                              I have to take a good picture, as miko has seen all the digital ones of me suck ass.
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