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In-House tournament.

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  • In-House tournament.

    Warning: This is a rough draft.

    I wanna see if people would like to be in an in-house tournament (registered players only).

    Reply if you would like to a) participate in the tournament, b) be a captain in the tournament, and/or c) help run the tournament (referee,setup,etc...).

    If there is enough interest (at least 5 teams) I will contact the server admins to see what I need to do to help get this going.

    Format as follows:
    Reply to thread with name and specified information.
    Registration open until the midnight April 22nd.
    Whenever is convenient for all the captains, a draft will be held, (random order, back and forth style 1234554321).
    Teams of 8 to ensure all teams have enough players each match.
    Matches are 6v6 unless both teams agree to 7v7 or 8v8.
    Matches scheduled by the teams, with deadlines set by me.
    Match date and time must be posted public ally in a separate thread I will create, and at least one 'referee' must be observing the match.
    In case of a tie, the teams may have a tiebreaker round if both teams agree (on the same map). If there are two ties, no more tiebreakers may be had. The tiebreakers do NOT have to be immediately after, but must be before the deadline.
    Ladder tournament, two losses disqualifies.
    The format of the tournament ladder might change depending on the number of teams.

    * The referee reserves the right to override anything as he sees fit, including restarting a match, doing other ridiculous things to make sure that the match is both fair and satisfying for both teams.
    * Structure blocking is legal, since the commander now loses structures touched by aliens and loses res.
    * Scripts are legal, because making them illegal would be dumb. If people want to learn more about scripts, ask in another thread im sure tons of people will help you.
    * Teamkilling is legal as long as the person being TKd has no problem with it.
    * Cursing is illegal, because this is a family environment.
    * Cheating and/or being Enigma is illegal.
    * Making fun of pokerface is encouraged.

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    Re: In-House tournament.

    What a totally awesome idea!

    Sign me up for playing and being a referee, and maybe a captain.

    pokerface is teh king nub.


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      Re: In-House tournament.

      ChopStick would like to participate and help setup (Referee or w/e). I would captain if it is needed but I really don't want to.

      You rawk micro. Pokerface should take lessons.


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        Re: In-House tournament.

        I am interested in participating.


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          Re: In-House tournament.

          If enough people get into it, i'll be interested. Though how will the map selection happen.... (wondering if its capts choice or random tier of the tourny, round 1 all play on this map round 2 all play on this map ect or just random totaly)

          Besdies you could always use a good old node block still if you immitely recycle it, so i think that rule needs to be changed, i find all forms of Structure blocking highly annoing and not needed :P (Ex: Stupid command chairs in hallways during sieges on alpha back way and satcomm)


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            Re: In-House tournament.

            I would like to see this happen, so I'll add in, assuming my drivers don't fail me for the 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000th time. Maybe nVidia will release something functional by then.


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              Re: In-House tournament.

              For those interested in seeing how this has been done in the past:

              Follow the links in the first post of that thread for rules, rosters, and demos of just about every match....

              Now that I mention it, will pre 3.2 demos play in 3.2?
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                Re: In-House tournament.

                Sure, I'd play in this. One suggestion though, for this type of thing it's typically better to do swiss than single/double elimination, since it's really annoying to put in the time to get a team working together only to be out by the second round.

                In a swiss format, teams are paired against other teams with similar records, and after x rounds, the team with the highest score wins (1 pt. win, 0.5 tie). Typically, you use the same number of rounds you would use in a single elimination tournament, which gives you similar outcomes at the top (ie. you'll usually have a finals match between the last two undefeated teams), but allows those teams that don't win to participate in the entire tournament.


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                  Re: In-House tournament.

                  Swiss could work too, I gotta look at the pros and cons of both.

                  Looking back at the old thread...those teams rawked. I would like to see all those players again and a bunch of new ones too!


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                    Re: In-House tournament.

                    I'm down to referee. Call me the hanging judge.
                    I dont really wanna play cause I hate competitive crap (except for captains, but thats because we do lots of goofy crap in capts games anyway).

                    However, I do have a question about refereeing: how will it be done? I know we currently dont have the ability to spectate from anywhere but HLTV, and you cant exactly call orders for restarts and such from hltv. So I'm kinda assuming were going to temporarily unlock spec mode for it. Any way it's gonna be done, im down.


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                      Re: In-House tournament.

                      I'm in to play. Might referee if you need it, but I don't feel totally comfortable with that idea.

                      I always get the feeling i'm a bit of a harda$$ when it comes to rules/admining etc.


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                        Re: In-House tournament.

                        I am in to play, And i can help set up.

                        I am very interested in seeing this again.
                        Current game name : Lost, Phantom Thief


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                          Re: In-House tournament.

                          I'm down.


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                            Re: In-House tournament.

                            I'll play and/or ref.


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                              Re: In-House tournament.

                              Draft alpha:
                              TEAM FORMING
                              6 teams will be formed by approved captains. Each team must consist of at least 2 supporting members.

                              Team captains
                              Team captains will be responsible for forming and running teams.
                              While the first 6 applicants will most likely be accepted, we reserve the right to deny a request if the applicant is not an established player in the TG community. What is meant by established is one who plays on the server regularly and recognizes the ideals Tactical Gamer stands for.

                              Captains should be those who are willing to accept the associated responsibilities. Please don’t take this position lightly.

                              All players will be drafted onto a team like current captains games.
                              Captains will meet on TG's TeamSpeak server and take turns picking players until all are assigned to a team.
                              Selection selection order will be random and after each round will be rotated so that the captain who has the last pick in a round will have the first pick in the following round.

                              THE ROLES

                              Sets the server password.
                              Observes the match (not through hltv) and settles disputes.
                              PMs the result of the match to me.

                              Make sure at least 6 members of the team can make thier match.

                              THE TOURNAMENT

                              As per TG rules, except:
                              You are allowed to structure block.
                              You are allowed to TK.

                              Two week preseason starting May 1st.
                              Swiss format, with semifinals and finals.

                              The tournament manager (micr0c0sm) will assign match times probably Sunday night (7pm-10pm est).
                              A strictly enforced 10 minute grace period will be allowed for teams to organize.
                              Schedule changes will be permitted if both teams agree and at least 24 hours advanced notice is given.
                              Will be played 6v6 unless both captains and the referee agree to 7v7 or 8v8.
                              Will consist of 2 rounds with no timelimit for each round.
                              All matches will be recorded by HLTV.
                              Any disputes will be resolved by the referee or by review of the demos later.
                              During a match the server will be passworded by the referee.

                              Maps determined weekly from this list:
                              eclipse, lost, nothing, tanith, caged, shiva, eon, origin, veil, lucid, orbital_cal, metal

                              Much was shamelessly ripped from kormendi's tournament rules page.
                              Last edited by Pokerface; 04-17-2007, 09:38 AM. Reason: Changed draft location to TG's TS server.




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