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  • [ The Gauntlet ] Match Results

    Only The Gauntlet Referees may reply to this thread (ChopStick, Ferris Bueller, Isamil, Yoshi MCF, JazzX, 1Stop|Beowulf)!

    This thread will contain match result posted by the referee assigned to the match as well as their match reports (if they made one).

    DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD. If you wish to discuss any content listed here, go to [ The Gauntlet ] Discussion thread.

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    [ The Gauntlet ] Match Results

    Week Zero: Obstacle Course

    Match Referee'd: Zeta vs. Clone (Gamma)

    Map: ns_tanith

    Round 1:
    Zeta started off as marines with Pokerface commanding and Orlanth, zimbu, Isamil, NS is my life and Zordon in the field. Clone as aliens with Sat Com hive with micr0c0sm, 1001, Maps and Atlases, Ty, JazzX and Magma.

    Marines attempted to relocate to chemical transport. Unfortunately due to the nearby hive the marines got cut to shreds by skulks. While they did manage to kill a few they barely even touched the CC. A few bhops to marine start later this round went to the aliens.

    End of first round score: 1-0 Clone

    Round 2:
    Zeta as aliens started with Waste hive. Clone had Yoshi MCF in the chair (Yoshi MCF came in and replaced micr0c0sm).

    Marines got an early shotgun out to Maps and Atlases, who went with two marines to put early pressure on the alien nodes which were acidic and cargo. Aliens had a fairly disorganized early game and the marines pressure team got both alien nodes down before two minutes. The rest of the game continued to be completely marine dominated, in fact the first marine died (Magma!) at four minutes into the game. With JazzX caping the entire map and sgs and pro shots (Maps, 1001, Ty, Magma) putting hardcore pressure right on the hive. It looked like aliens were planning a two lerk map control strat but Isamil lerk disappointed. The one thing aliens had going for them was Zordon of Eltar's lerking. He got a few kills and played well even though the game was not going his way. Marines had to kill him before they were able to waltz in and finish off the hive.

    Final Result: 2-0 Clone

    Final notes:
    Clone has a lot of good shots, so many that they could probably afford to put a more experienced comm in the chair. I'm sad that I didn't get to see more of their alien side. This is definitely a team that will make the playoffs.

    Zeta didn't have 3/4 of their top picks there (including their captain). Look for Zordon to be lerking next week. No more relocating to their hive guys.


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      Re: [ The Gauntlet ] Match Results

      Week Zero: Obstacle Course

      Match Refereed: Delta/NSPlayer vs Epsilon/twSS

      Map: ns_veil

      NSPlayer members present:
      • Radix
      • Usererror

      twSS members present:
      • Rainbowfish
      • Protoss
      • Lagarto
      • Enigma
      • Slink
      • Eternaly Lost

      Due to the lack of members present on NSPlayer, I will avoid commenting on them.

      Round 1: twSS aliens, NSPlayer marines.
      twSS began in Sub hive and dropped their initial nodes in Pipeline and Overlook. They were able to push back the only significant push on Cargo as that hive built. Eternaly Lost was their straight fade. While he never died as a fade, he was conservative to the point of having fewer kills than their lerk, Enigma.

      Round 1 went to twSS.

      Round 2: NSPlayers aliens, twSS marines.
      twSS had no players with commanding experience, so Lost jumped in the chair and called a shotgun rush on NSPlayers' Pipeline hive. They carried their LMGs there and did not build the armory until they were inside the hive. During an extended camp in the hive, twSS managed to shoot it down to 5% before their last player was killed.

      Round 2 went to NSPlayers.

      Result: Alien tie.
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        Re: [ The Gauntlet ] Match Results

        EDIT by Original Poster!!! The following report should be read as light-hearted parody. I'm not bitter about anything at all. I just didn't take any notes cause I was playing instead. But afterwards I was asked to post, and the Tourney organizers have been extremely patient with me not getting my post in. So I felt I should deliver more then a 1 sentence post. I forgot that unless you know me fairly well (which I think many of you do) this would come off as very bitter, and not me making fun of myself.

        Week Zero: Obstacle Course

        Match Refereed: Alpha vs Theta

        Map: ns_veil

        Honestly I didn't referee the match at all, because I had to play in both halves because of a lack of players from the two teams. Micro told me I didn't need to post anything, but Chopstick is going to have a stroke if I don't write something, so here I am.

        Also I was much more focused on getting yelled at for spitting Pipeline while people were trying to MC to Cargo then actually how everything was going overall.

        I can't even remember exactly who played for each side. I could list some of the people there, but I'd probably just anger everyone I forget. And out of laziness I'd also end up making up one of the rosters, in fact I'm pretty sure the team I wasn't ringing for included Mustang, Sling Blade, HAMBONE, Mosis and someguy named Fatal1ty. I, of course, was like 50-3 for both halves.

        So I've padded this out enough now that it looks like a real post. Congratulations for reading the whole thing without actually learning anything about the game played, or the players involved. I hope I was at least slightly entertaining.

        Oh, and before I forget, Theta won both halves. There you did learn something.
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          Re: [ The Gauntlet ] Match Results

          Week 1: Double Trouble

          Nothing Special versus Stuck on Ladders

          Nothing Special
          Yer Mom

          Stuck on Ladders
          Tempest/Quick and Easy

          Round 1: ns_ aliens, SoL marines.
          Tempest commanded for marines, who played a standard a1/pg tech route. ns_ started in cargo hive and dropped pipe and c12 nodes. SoL sent the pressure team (headed by Fooker with a shotgun) straight to c12 node, killing it with out too much trouble. Marine capping was dominant, proceding to sub hive with no major problems. Chiller lerked well but the marines were entrenched in double with a phase by 3:00 (controlling seven nodes) and alien chambers were late from only two res towers, with the last mc going up after 3:30. Skulks killed four marine nodes by 5:00 but the marines never had less than 4-5 nodes. Cy's fade was up by 5:20 and pipe hive was dropped. No sooner than the hive was dropped the marines had a phase up in power core. Chiller's lerk and Cy's fade pushed the marine force back into a 1 IP spawn queue, but no pressure was put on the pg/tf and the marines came back in force with three shotguns, gunning down Cy. Pipeline node and hive were down by 8:00, with Turbinator's lerk dramatically shredded by grenades as he flew up to the hive from the back side. The second hive never went live, and marines had 2/2 AA MT by 9 minutes. Aliens had no res flow and were spawn-camped in cargo hive by Katana until all of SoL was able to march in from double and shotgun the hive down. 10:00 game.

          Marine's showed a strong early and res game, with 4 of the field marines boasting 2:1 ratios. Alien lifeforms were strong but lacked map control. All in all a solid victory for SoL.

          Round 2: SoL aliens, ns_ marines
          Quick and Easy subbed in for Tempest after the half. ns_ chose Turbinator as their commander, and started out with an aggressive 4/1 two shotgun AA rush strat. SoL started in Pipeline and dropped cargo and c12 nodes. The first minute and a half were dominated by ns_. Cy capped from west down and the pressure team (with Chiller and Nightstalker sporting shotguns) had c12 down by 1:00. The marines met up in double and build the nodes and welded the vents, but an opportunistic base rush by Katana (and another skulk i couldnt tell) joined by Fooker and MacBauer demolished the marine hopes before Turb could squeeze off a remote beacon. Marines relocated to double but had no tech(and little hope) because of AA first. Katana late lerked and while the marines killed cargo node the aliens hit double base, without managing to finish of the marines. Cargo hive was dropped and MacBauer was fade by 5:00. Somehow through this all Chiller is still 5-0 on marines at 6:00, but he died before 7:00. Slowly Mac's fade and Katana's lerk chipped away at the marines, and before ns_ managed enough res to start a1 SoL wiped out the marine base for good.

          ns_'s strat was powerful but lost out because the put too much pressure on one side of the map and the aliens were able to sneak around the other and wreck their base. in total there was hardly ever any res nodes on the map, with i think three for both teams by the endgame.

          Result: 2-0 SoL


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            Re: [ The Gauntlet ] Match Results

            The demos from the above match (SoL vs. ns_) are available here (round 1) and here (round 2).
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              [ The Gauntlet ] Match Results

              Week 1: Double Trouble

              That's What She Said vs. Zero Creativity on ns_veil
              6 vs 6

              Representing :twSS:
              Lost the Phantom Theif (or however he spells it)

              Representing zc .
              mr . pie . maomc .

              Round One (demo):

              Zc started with aliens on pipeline hive. TwSS decided to put Slink in the chair. Aliens capped c12 and cargo. Marines send three topo while two built base. After capping topo the three marines got nicely ambushed at east junction by three skulks, losing two marines. The lone marine (Enigma) continued to c12 while the base builders started capping the west side (delayed slightly by mr . pie). Dead_Meat was aliens straight lerk. Enigma managed to heavily damage him and when he flew into c12 for a heal, he was killed by a sneaky lagarto who had flanked through dome side. Lagarto continued to harass the hive/spawn camp for another minute or so before three marines disposed of him. By this point marines had a pg in system waypoint and 4+ nodes, aliens still had their 3 nodes. (I dropped at this point so from here it's based on HLTV demo watching). The marines were looking good at this point but made many errors while attempting to siege cargo.

              The marines marched on cargo with six nodes up and a couple shotguns but zero upgrades versus LazyEye's fade. Marines lost many players building a pg at cargo siege spot, right next to their pg in system. In the following minutes siege attempt after siege attempt failed until marines decided to pretty much give up, even though they held a pg in systems and 5 nodes.

              The alien mopped up a demoralized marine team, dropped sub and capped the map. The game ended shortly there after.

              Why the marines lost: Late tech and slow tech. Even though they were on 5+ nodes pretty much the entire game (nice capping Lost), they didn't have armor 1 when they began the 2nd hive siege and they didn't get weapons 1 until they were contained to there base. Marines can still win with pg near 3rd hive and a good number of nodes. They just need to tech and hold res and defend the 3rd hive; however due to a couple players on their team saying, "This game's pretty much over", they seemed demoralized and gave up.

              Why the aliens won: While marines dominated res all game, alien never had to spend any res recapping. They were excellent with resource management as well. Everyone was constantly spending their res.
              1-0 zc .

              Round 2 (demo):

              Zc . put mr . pie in the chair. TwSS started with subsector hive and capped cargo and overlook. Marines power built base then sent 1 marine west, 1 to finish base and three man pressure (LazyEye sg) topo side to cargo. They made it into cargo but once they started hitting the node aliens converging from all sides managed to kill two of them, however, Kerostasis, with a bizarre display of skill (seriously when did kero get good?), killed three aliens and finished off the node. Aliens went MC and Enigma lerked.

              Marines got a pg up in dome and capped. Cargo hive got dropped and lagarto faded. Marines capped double and moved into siege spot cargo (even though they already had a pg dome side, it isn't impossible to siege/push from dome). Aliens lost the hive just after it went up (they got 2 dcs off it).

              The following minutes consisted of a marine dominated map 5+ res nodes and the aliens dropping and losing pipe and then cargo again to pushes. Aliens maintained a fade or two during all of this so it was hard for marines to get pressure on their remaining hive. Ever since cargo went down the first time it was really the marines game to lose, it could have been ended faster by some earlier proto (they got heavies eventually and siege sub) but really they played an excellent game. A funny moment towards the end, the alien just got an onos up who ate Dead_Meat as a heavy and then movemented over to a building pipeline hive to avoid dying to the heavies pressuring the hive died to a lone marine (headroller) depositing Dead_Meat in perfect position to spawn camp a just completed hive. Marines marched over and finished the game (but not after Kero lost his jp to a zero hive skulk!).

              Final result: 2-0 Zero Creativity


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                Re: [ The Gauntlet ] Match Results

                Week 1: Double Trouble (aka Battle of the Chucks)

                Chuck Norris Delta Force Squad vs. Team Zeta on ns_veil

                According to imdb, Chuck Norris' last movie was in 2005, the same year the epic TV Movie "Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire" was released. I know I've seen him in about 12,000 Bow Flex commercials since then, but I guess you don't get props from THE Internet Movie Data Base for infomercials that play at 3:30am on Lifetime (television strong enough for a Man, but made for a Woman).

                Before I even start with the rosters, let me note that if the boards had Strikeout enabled, you'd have a clever joke about how Zeta was actually Penguin in disguise. More on that Later

                Chuck Norris etc Squad
                Lt. FiReFlY
                micr0c0sm (ringer)

                Team Zeta
                Fooker (ringer)
                Chiller (ringer)
                Doug (ringer)
                JazzX (ringer)
                Lost the Phantom <too long for screenshot> (ringer)

                First thing you might notice is that I had to type (ringer) an awful lot for Zeta. Next please note that Fooker, Chiller and Doug are all members of Internet-Super-Team Penguin. They use /O> as a tag which, as a you might not be aware, is an ASCII representation of a penguin.

                Once again you'll see I ended up playing in a match that I was supposed to referee. However this time I was prepared and remembered to get a screenshot of +showscore. I still paid no attention to what was going on in the game, cause I was too busy carrying a team made up of flight-less birds (amirite, lol).

                Round 0
                Isamil and I joined the server at 8:45 to make sure it was all setup and so we could await, with open arms the other players. Veil is kind of a crappy Ready Room to jump around since it is very small and not terribly interesting. But it does have the little raised parts so you can jump on other players heads. That's always fun. 20 minutes later all 6 members of C.N.D.F.S. were present, and Isamil was still all alone (so very alone). Somewhere around here I got in touch with Fooker and he and his Penguin Pals, along with Lost joined up to fill in the gaps. Around this point Micro showed up too and cried and cried until both teams agreed he could play. Since this caused a great imbalance I had to join up as well. We were actually poised to play at 8v8, but in the interest of dragging out pre-game as long as possible we argued about that for a decade or so, and ultimately decided on 7v7.

                Now I'm guessing at this point you are thinking, "Jazz is doing the same shtick as last time. Babbling on and on about nothing, and he won't have anything to say about the match." That assumption is only partially correct. In reality I was carefully crafting a metaphor for how long the Pregame was, compared to the first half of gameply (cue segue).

                Round 1
                C.N.D.F.S. started as Marines, Theta were Aliens starting in Cargo. With 7 players Theta capped three nodes: Double as well as Sub-Sector. They still were able to have skulks at both East and West Junction to parasite and scout. Marines all built base, and then split up between Topographical and West. The marines at Topo had a shotgun, but they never had a chance to really put it to use, as they were killed while leaving the room.

                The marines near West fared much better, at least initially. They got past the skulks and got down to Sub where they put some pressure on the node. However a good response from Theta cleared Sub out. Things were quiet for a minute, when some advanced scouting revealed Marines capping Pipeline and another group back at Sub attacking that node again. At this point Isamil was a Lerk and 3 MCs were on the ground. While most of the Aliens fought the Marines at the Hive Locations Lost and Orlanth attacked Marine base.

                Without an Observatory the Marines couldn't beacon, and their Arms Lab died in short order. Lost and Orlanth were eventually killed but since all of the Marines had died in the hives their spawn queue was full. The other Aliens collapsed into Marine Start and the IPs and Commander were taken out. Lost ended up in the Ready Room as a Fade Egg, and the 2nd Hive had just been dropped. Total Round time was right around 4 minutes.

                Round 2
                C.N.D.F.S. also started in Cargo, though they capped Pipeline and C12. Theta as Marines did a fairly standard capping route, one group to Topographical, one player to Overlook immediately and then having base-builders pick up West Skylights. After some initial mis-steps at Overlook the West half of the map was capped, and a lot of pressure was put on C-12. Eventually the Marines successfully capped Double Res as well, and welded the vents shut.

                The Aliens dropped Pipeline but the Marines put a phasegate in Power Core and started researching Siege nearly instantly. They also successfully killed C-12 while waiting for the Turret Factory to upgrade. However the Lerks and Skulks did an excellent job keeping the Marines out of the Hive Room itself. At the same time the Fade(s) from C.N.D.F.S. harassed Marine Start and kept the Marines very distracted. Eventually two Sieges and an Obs went up at Power Core, but it was too late and eventually the Marines were unable to Phase in fast enough to save Power Core or do real damage to Pipeline.

                The Marines did manage to get back to Double and build a Phase gate but by this point the Aliens were constantly pressing Marine Start and the Phase was of little use. The second Round lasted around 12 minutes.

                Final Score: 1-1 (Alien Tie)

                Overall ThoughtsObviously the number of ringers means nothing can really be said about Theta. Hopefully C.N.D.F.S. will consider mining their base for future matches to avoid the fate they suffered this week (props to LazyEye for reminding me that Marines hadn't dropped mines).

                Something I failed to mention earlier was that the members of Penguin engaged in psychological warfare by smurfing with Chunk Norris-inspired names, this included Fooker playing under the imaginative moniker "Chuck Norris." This means that in the First Round while most people would say that killing the IPs and all the Marines won the game, an alternative theory is that Chuck Norris is so awesome that when he drops a Hive, the Marine team simply dies in fear.

                I can't think of anything snarky to say about the Second Round. The Aliens did an exceptional job at Pipeline. Any less of a response would have cost them that hive, and probably the half. Theta as Marines played very well and aside from having two Active Phases at both the top and bottom of Power Core(!?) there were very few missteps on their side. Ultimately the Fades were too much for them to overcome and the assault on Pipeline ended up costing too much time and res with no payout.




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