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DaG|Kamakazzee's "Apology"/response

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  • DaG|Kamakazzee's "Apology"/response

    Disclaimer: This is not a slam post directed at anyone individual. It is a mere statement to defend the public post about me.

    Hi everyone,
    I am sorry to anyone I have upset, but Wyz was me and don't make public posts about it.

    I do take a while sometimes when I command and other times I take just a few minutes. I like to think I use good judgment in doing what it takes to win given the circumstances of the game and the teams. I am not thinking..."oh how can I piss the aliens off". In the event of a 10-15 minute game, this really isn't that long and the game is actually designed to be that way. I do what is necessary to insure a victory such as electrifying rts. I am very methodical and don't have my marines just running around aimlessly. They are given tasks and we get them done, usually one rt at a time. This does take some more time but it keeps my rines focused. I drop guns to deal with lifeforms and chambers but they are not for skulks. I put that res into electing or getting upgrades. Other commanders do the same thing b/c it insures victory. I know victory seems assured sometimes but I have played games that have "gotten away". I drop jp gls at the end sometimes b/c it is fun and my marines deserve a cool down after their good behavior all game and this doesn't take too much longer to kill a hive. I could siege but most would agree that this would be lame. I do understand that some do not find a jp gl fun (what do you find fun?), so just request a different gun if it bothers you that much. Please note, I will not drop you a shotgun at anytime in the game just b/c you think you should get one.

    Also onos is a valid lifeform. It is risky to build up levels with no upgrades for so long. Not to be cocky, but onos isn't my best lifeform and I wouldn't complain about me going it. Combat and NS for that matter isn't serious so don't take it offensively.

    Don't hate the player, hate the game.

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    Re: DaG|Kamakazzee's "Apology"/response

    Somebody posting about you in "his" thread isn't entitlement to disregard the very prohibition against this kind of crap that you acknowledge in "your" thread.

    The players make the game here. They can break it, too. Mitigate your hate problems privately.
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