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  • nsdojo training session

    So last night at 10pm est there was a training session held by golden and set up by radix. I saw ag, yack, and a few other people that play occasionally play on TG. It went really well as golden covered mine placement and ambushing in extreme amounts of detail and I learned a lot more than I thought I would. Expect to be surprised at the spots skulks come out of, especially on tanith and viel. It opened my eyes to the options skulks have when ambushing. ( We then played a 12v12 and then 11v11 on viel and damn was it fun. )

    Next time we should have some sort of forum announcement here because I think a lot of people would like to spec it. The hltv was recorded so when we get a video of the session I will link it here for people to check out.

    The previous session was a guide to seiging and before that was bunnyhopping.

    I think the next one will be some movement based skills (bunnyhopping, strafe-jumping, wallgliding, gliding, etc...) but as always in the context of tactics and usefulness.

    Oh, and thanks Radix and golden for hosting it.

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    Re: nsdojo training session

    please post the hltv demos some where so we can check it out.


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      Re: nsdojo training session

      wish i didnt miss it...AH well ill be back for another week anywhoo
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