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New gig for Wyzcrak

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  • New gig for Wyzcrak

    I'd like to propose that, in light of this post (which referenced this older post, Wyzcrak immediately and forever be branded a troublemaker.

    After all, he started both of them. :)

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    Re: New gig for Wyzcrak

    Its kinda scary to see Wyzcrak with a panda bear Avatar, not the server administrator and with UNDER 500 POSTS! O_O Strange...Very Strange
    You were once like the newbie who needed a hand from above and TacticalGamer gave you it.

    You owe the newbie who comes after you that same outstretched hand from above on your honor as a Tactical Gamer.

    Tactics at TG come from trust and friendship, not meticulous detail and rigid discipline.

    Everyone should be assumed mature until proven otherwise.

    We are no clan.
    We are not a single game.
    We are mature, intelligent, and cooperative individuals.
    We are TacticalGamer, a community above and beyond its name.


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      Re: New gig for Wyzcrak

      Originally posted by Rampage
      (which referenced this older post,
      I just wanna know why my post was completely ignored... :icon21:

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        Re: New gig for Wyzcrak

        There are some names in that thread that haven't been seen here in a long while.

        Play EVE online. It's like being an accounting addict in space.


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          Re: New gig for Wyzcrak

          The real question is what part, exactly, did Wyzcrak play in their absence? I mean, the last I heard, that guy was jogging in the park. Wyz said he had to check into something, and thing you know, one less poster.

          It makes you think. Oh, say Wyz has nothing to do with it. But that's exactly what he wants us to think. And why are you speaking up for him so quickly? What did YOU have to do with it? Should we start finding out where you were that night? What's your alibi? HMMM????

          (okay, I admit wife's in Philly until Tuesday night and I'm already bored -- I have to entertain myself or I'll start reciting lines from "Finding Nemo" again; NO ONE wants that)




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