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The Dojo launches Recruitment Pod program

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  • The Dojo launches Recruitment Pod program

    If you're a forum "lurker" then this is right up your alley. We've just finished our newest system for authoring teams. We're calling it the recruitment pod system or simply pod recruiting.

    You can find info on

    The basics are as follows:

    Simply put, it's a passive-join framework. Here's how it's done:

    1. A player joins a pod, wanting to get a group together for a potential team

    2. The pod is put into waiting until enough players inhabit it. You can idle our :Ventrilo: and/or #nspod on gamesurge IRC to chat with the other inhabitants. See our :IRC Guide: for info on getting started

    3. Once the pod contains between 4 and 8 players, the inhabitants may form a team if they desire

    4. To form a team out of a pod, the inhabitants will either elect a captain through an informal voting system (read: common sense), or share the admin responsibilities between all the players. The latter is known as an empowered roster

    5. Once the inhabitants are ready, and a team is formed, (one of) the captain(s) will create an entry in the Teams section of our forums. After this is finished, the team will be ready to compete in events.
    It seems to me that much of Tactical Gamer's NS community would thoroughly enjoy playing competitive NS with other regular everyday players. If you'd like to play in competitive, without the stress of having to compete against veterans, but have been reluctant to go forward with it because you (like me, when I started) assumed I can't just go and join competitive then this is exactly where you need to start.

    Thanks for your time and attention,
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      Great ideas radix and i am glad this is actually getting new players to scrim. Evolve is gonna pwn yall though :-p




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