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Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

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  • Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

    Its been 3 months since the last release of Nexus (b3). It is no longer a beta; it is now considered the 'final' version (though of course there may be _v2). There have been HUGE updates, see the full changelog further down. Just check out the labelled minimap; the most vivid changes are the entirely new areas of Keystone Interface and Engineering (the old Engineering Halls was completely scrapped, as well as the right shaft).



    The T.S.S. Nyx was a deep-space research and Nexus-integrated relay ship, lightly armed and considered a resort amongst the TSA ranks. But after receiving a distress call, the Nyx was re-routed to save the escape pod survivors of the Eon ship, as they had landed on an uninhabitable planet. It was a Marine Assault class ship nearby that actually boarded the Eon. But while everyone on the Nyx, including the civillian Eon survivors, were in cryosleep en route back to the Hera station, one of the engines suddenly gave out, and the Kharaa appeared, hive and all. Those who managed to abandon ship amongst the instant chaos made sure to scan their escape pods for kharaa bacteria before ejecting. They could not afford to make the same mistake as the Eon crew.

    Conducting its research mostly on the new Chromium substance - possibly the best energy source in the universe, followed by h2o, for humans and aliens alike - its no wonder the Nyx suffered such a surprise infestation. Given the resources, the Kharaa can go from nano-size to functional offensive units within hours.

    The poor Marines who had survived the Eon ordeal were en route. The Nyx could not be lost.


    Download the .rar Here!


    **Final Release, Version 1:
    -expanded map to de-clutter
    -no more rooms-over-rooms
    -ripped out Starboard Shaft and Engineering Halls; replaced with two entirely new sections
    -fixed up, coloured and labelled the minimap; added transparencies as well
    -redid a lot of the connecting halls and rooms (its basically a new map)
    -door beside Marine Start leading to Nexus Mainframe went from a weldable to a button door (drastically improving flow of map)
    -added a new sound that is almost perfectly in sync with Nexus Mainframe's pulse
    -big elevator on Port Shaft now has a hole in the middle, and elevator itself can't be broken anymore
    -reworked Vent system
    -removed certain weldables and added a new one; only 5 in total now, but all are really useful
    -over 9000 more visual upgrades

    Lets get to playin! :D

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    Re: Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

    Is this on the server yet? By the way, were you able to fix the height of the middle hive so it's no longer visible to the comm?


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      Re: Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

      lol, i forgot about that bug. I dont even know how to fix it; the hive cant go any lower or it can be sieged... any higher and its starting to get ridiculous (its already pretty high in the room, which is the highest room in the map :)), and the comm 's view is as low as i can make it.


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        Re: Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

        I'm excited to play this


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          Re: Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

          Damn stix, I thought you had given up on this! Now I really got to get a computer together...


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            Re: Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

            Hehe, cant go giving up on something you've spent like 18 months on. Might as well put in the extra 6 to make it right ;)

            This version really fixed just about every issue there was in the previous versions, so I cant wait to see how people find it.


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              Re: Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

              This is on the server now. Map name is ns_nexus_v1, have fun.
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                Re: Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

                Heh, mapping sure does take long... Luckly i have help! Or at least i think i do... YerMo and Irish need to hurry with their hives....

                Commander view errors eh? Well have you tried this? moving the WHOLE map up or down (with texture lock on) So that it moves in relativity to the commander view, i did that a few times while ajusting the info_mapinfo unless you've got alot of height variation in the map you should be able to move it up and down...


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                  Re: Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

                  Originally posted by Donat View Post
                  ...unless you've got alot of height variation in the map you should be able to move it up and down...
                  Have Nexus? ;)


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                    Re: Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

                    Nice job, I'll be sure to jump on the server and play it sometime.


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                      Re: Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

                      Vertical combat was what nexus was all about....


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                        Re: Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

                        just wanna say thanks for taking the time to make this map.


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                          Re: Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

                          Only played an alien half of the map (on capt's) last night.

                          Siege on Port from Docking is way too easy - marines just have to cover one door from fade attack and they're pretty safe to siege. The vents are nice - but way too high and too far for skulks to drop in and be effective.

                          Several onos challenges to the map - difficult for an onos to get around and be effective. The verticality / ladders / ramps / elevators are pretty challenging. Better to go fade - but what to do against HA?

                          Double RT is nice with the ledges but doesn't lend itself well to ambush from the aliens.

                          The vent system is great - but overall a little to "infested" which makes navigation a little challenging. Can't tell what's infested and what's an opening. De-clutter the textures?

                          Node placement seems fine - double nodes are always a stickler in a competent server as the team that can control a double node has a large advantage over the other.

                          Seems a good map and I'm sure as the aliens learn it they'll get better at using the ambush spots. There were a lot of them. Map is just too "open" in the early part of the learning curve.
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                            Re: Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

                            I always appreciate constructive criticism guys :D.

                            -Docking Wing: In the early days of almost every version, people have said this about docking wing... But its one of the few areas that hasn't changed over the versions. The reason is that sieges need to be balanced. They're factors of: number of sieges that can be placed; 'secure' tf spots; vent coverage for skulks, biling (sp?), gas; the marine Line of Sight vs corners, etc.

                            DW can handle as many sieges as a comm wants. This was done because i felt that aliens had the advantage during a siege here. Now, of course, the aliens are always at a disadvantage when the hive is only being built, when its not actually up, as the fades are especially hurt in their regenerative abilities.

                            The idea was that the main vent overlooking Docking Wing would be more than sufficient for biling, spitting, skulks dropping, and gassing. Not only are there two, but there's a third in the middle which is unbreakable and can be used for just looking / planning out a spore. The exits have some side coverage, so a skulk could avoid sight and fire from marines at the bottom of the ramp by simply staying on the ceiling as they left. These vents can also be approached by either side; hence, a JPer covering one entrance can still be ambushed (as i did lastnight, muahahaha). Furthermore, theres a vent that connects to the FAR side of docking wing, which is perfect for lerk or a silent skulk. Then, if marines need to pressure into the hive, they have to go up Cargo Transer... which is HELL against good aliens, given the four camouflaged drop-down vents on either side. And THEN, once they can see the hive room, the hive itself is covered (the bottom of it can be shot), but they cant spot it until they are fully into the room, near the RT.

                            But of course, it has to be balanced. Which is why i allowed the comm to have as many sieges as he wants, and a relatively open area. On I-AM we had a good few 40 min games with tons of these sieges, and it seemed like they failed more than half the time.

                            Another thing i like to do is to compare sieges to those in official maps. Is docking wing as 'balanced' as Mother Interface or Aux Comm sieges in Nancy? Or Cargo in Tanith? :P

                            -The Infested Hub: A couple things here. I saw Wyz try a siege from here; something i always knew would be attempted. Thats why i *thought* i had made it so a comm could only place 2 structures. It turns out i forgot to func_nobuild that small ramp in the corner. So he got lucky. But, one siege max is acceptable, since it pretty much requires the marines to enter the hive and shoot it.

                            I never wanted a the vents to be used as siege, hence why i worked to stopping them from happening. But i always wanted the PG option, in both the Infested Hub and the Secondary Hub. As such, a vent-ninja could get a PG up, beacon, and see the craziest ninja rush on a hive ever. Its been done, and its awesome.

                            A thing to note aboute the Infested Hub; it connects (almost) every room in the map. If the marines are in there, and the aliens have Chromo Hive, the aliens can very quickly ambush them from every side. The 5 entrances to the Hub can be gotten to like this; from inside Chromo itself; two can be reached from the Keystone vent; another from the Shaft; and then the farthest one would be from the connecting hallway between the Shaft and Docking Wing. So, a smart alien team could really cause some havoc in there, not to mention how obviously alien-oriented it is.

                            And about the texturing... The entire vents are meant to really feel like you're running through the bowels of the ship, like you're really 'behind the access panels'. The one room that connects them all needed an alien bias, hence the darkness and infestation gunk that sits a foot off the ground and partially obscures vision in there too. Its confusing at first, especially as a marine, but it needs to be that way. Check the map if you cant find your way; its clearly coloured. Not all of the exits are visible until you can see directly down them, but if you just ran at a corner, you'd definitely hit one. Once people know the map a bit better, the vents become REALLY crazy. A guy on the BAD server decided it was his purpose in life to rush fade every game, and use the vents extremely well. Nothing is scarier to see than a good fade in those vents :P

                            -Onos Challenges: Hmm. I made sure every door fit the onos, etc, so theres none of that. I heard people talking about the difficulty of onosing, and i guess it is more challenging than on 'normal', i.e. vertically-challenged maps. But elevators, ladders and big rooms still exist on those maps, and they're just things that oni have to keep in mind. In this version of Nexus, there should be no 'critical area' where an onos is really hampered; all the sieges avoid ladders and elevators, as well as all the rts (though Keystone needs an elevator to get to... a smart onos would just put them back down before hitting it). If there are any specific areas that could be fixed up somehow, let me know (there might be a door that is passable but a bit 'sticky', etc)

                            -Double: This room was designed to be isolated (so its balanced as a double), and easily overtaken for either team. I wanted it to be in a constant tug-of-war. The height advantage is pretty much the only advantage here, and personally i find it pretty easy to ambush marines when i jump down. The rooms on either side of double are also fairly dark, offering good ambush potential for before they get to, or as they leave double. There's two vents into this room, an entrance at the top coming from the Shaft, and there's also the rather important Weldable; it opens a passageway from the top of Logistics into the top of Double. This allows marines to walk from their base, right into the top floor of double, offering them the height advantage.

                            I think i touched all the subjects you brought up. Please guys, feel free to discuss any and all of this. Just because i planned something out a certain way doesn't mean it worked out that way. There's always _v2, and i'm open to changing things if theres reason.

                            Oh and i'd love the HLTV demo of... was is Hassaan who supposedly died as an onos while MCing into a hive? Though 'killed by door'? I totally call BS on that. 'Doors' = elevators, i bet he was just trying to cover his ass :P

                            Glad everyone's enjoying it! :D


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                              Re: Ns_Nexus_V1 Released! No longer beta!

                              It was Kama that died as an onos when he MC'd through a hive (or some-such). Re-check the demo.

                              The first half - aliens had two fades, two lerks, plenty of skulks - Port was the first hive... and it got sieged relatively easily from Docking Wing. Grenades up into the vents pretty much prevented skulks and lerks from being effective through there, the marines mowed down at least one fade coming into DW through the only entrance, and we never got a gorge into that vent to bile (Chromo hive built as first was coming down). With a small res pool, two gorges and a DC weren't enough to keep Port up against the (4? 5?) sieges that Wyz could put into DW. There's enough room that the marins could stand back against the glass, shoot anything coming in the vent, and shoot the fade (enough) coming around the corner to keep the pg + tf + obs + siege cannons totally protected through the whole event. Could it have been done better by the aliens? Not sure how without reviewing the demo.

                              Aux Comm specifically had a vent added above the "preferred" siege location specifically to allow skulks to get into the room without having to come down a long hallway. In addition, there's enough vertical height and obstructions to allow fades to "cover" and move around and still be effective. It's still a powerful siege - but getting marines in there is still a challenge - with the door, confluence of halls and ambush points leading to it, etc. DW is very accessible to marines, is wide open, and doesn't allow close-in access to skulks.

                              Mother Int. has at least two vent acces points, hall access from at least two sides (three if you count coming up from MS), and again demands that the sieges be placed close-in and near hallways to allow the fades / skulks / spores to work against marines building sieges. In addition - moving up through Cargo from Mess Hall is a challenge, and the narrow hall from MS restricts access (somewhat) to the area. A much harder siege than DW.

                              Cargo on Tanith is probably a more comparable room - in terms of "open-ness" and skulks / vent access. But! it does have THREE access points spread 120 apart from each other. DW has just ONE large access point. This critical difference means that in Cargo the marines are spread (attention-wise, field of fire, etc.) and can't cover the room as effectively. DW is the total opposite.

                              I agree that if a second hive is ALREADY up that DW can be tough to hold. But the marines sieged out our FIRST hive pretty handily - I don't think we even got in there enough to put pressure on anything.
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