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    I upgraded the versions of both MetaMod and AMX which are running on our new server almost immediately after it went live. For the most part, things are running smoothly.

    What I need in this thread is people reporting the deltas they see between the plugins on the old server and the plugins on the new server.

    With a few exceptions, I'm aiming to bring the new server to the state of the old server. One exception is 'asay', which has been removed for now. With the new server, you can address admins by using an "at" sign (@) at the beginning of a team say. You were supposed to be able to do that with the version of AMX which was running on the old server, but it never worked. It does work on the new server, so I've removed 'asay' for now. It likely will be re-enabled in the future.

    Another prime concern of mine is the slots reservation system. Play close attention to the state of the server when you try to join. If you not allowed to join, and you think you should be able to join, please take a moment to PM me the number of players on the server and each of their names. This will help me understand how the slot reservation system is behaving with the new version of AMX.

    Otherwise, please post in this thread differences that you see between the old server's plugins and the new server's plugins.

    Thank you.
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