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  • Echoes.....

    Welcome, OP8.
    Last visit: 03-22-2006 01:54 AM....

    Yeah.... I've been without broadband for a long time.... and just before I lost it I was about to finish NS_Master.
    The bad news and situation on my end was of such that just not trying to visit TG and not bothering to reinstall HL/NS after a harddrive crash; was the only option.

    So, It's been a long time. Funny how the new people as much as the old- bring back great memories of being up 5-6 hours past what should have been my bedtime, Shouting tactical info into a computer microphone to a bunch of complete strangers who I'd probably never meet in person. Let alone that those mission critical orders and confirmations that meant life and death, were of an illusionary existance with no real reprocusions or relevance... Yet still there is a persistance to it though that haunts like the smell of a home cooked meal in the nostrils of a shipwreck surviver...

    Funny how that works....

    Now where was I ?!?:madsmile:

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    Re: Echoes.....

    Hey hey!

    Nice to c ya :D


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      Re: Echoes.....

      mmmmmm............... OP8.......
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        Re: Echoes.....

        Welcome back, sir.

        And in your absence, what have you learned about making backups?
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          Re: Echoes.....

          See.... I had backups.... I just didnt want to restore them cause I knew I wasnt gonna be able to play for a LONG time and didnt want the tease.
          It's kinda like throwing out the "almost finished" painting of a girl who broke up with you. Can't justify spending the time on something that aint there anymore. Forgive the metaphore.

          Anyway, it's funny that the 3 excact people I was expecting- were the first people to say hi. Granted not in the expected order, but regardless.

          Last night, I downloaded NS.
          I also loaded up the backups of all the maps I was working on....
          In an almost 3rd person perspective, the projects I was working on before my absence are somewhat intimidating to look at after all this time. Especially NS_master and NS_dana..... I took a stroll through what I had finished ingame and had this feeling inside that whoever engineered these places was an absolute madman.....
          Oops... crap... that woulda been me.
          They are just very shocking enviorments and being away from them for so long makes exploring them again quite fascinating.

          I worry about the first time I go to join a game- been out of FPS for long enough to start sucking at it and just hope it comes back fast...
          It's funny to think that I played here (XLii) years before even wyz became a regular.... And I'm walking back into it as a complete rookie. I just dont wanna be "that guy" that has no idea whats going on... lol.
          So when is the best night to try and find a good game to mess up? heheh


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            Re: Echoes.....

            We seem to have pretty good games on Sunday nights since a lot of SMs\regs are on then. Although the server is usually full every night so take your pick :D.
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              Re: Echoes.....

              I remember you. :)

              The more things change the more they stay the same, if you know what I mean.

              I tried to play some NS a while back and the noobage factor was very high. Sadly, it hasn't improved much since then.

              You still need to watch some of these people. They are still a little 'sketchy'.

              You know who you are. :icon_cool
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