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  • *cough*

    *whipes the dust off his forum account*


    I've played on TG-ns for a short while some time ago and now that I'm able to run my pc at more convenient times, I'll be frequenting the server more often once more.

    The European players have adapted a very negative attitude towards the game in a variety of ways which I'll not discuss, so I opted to play on the TG server again before I un-installed NS out of pure frustration. I played 6 splendid games in a row, thoroughly enjoyed myself and had fun. So my thanks goes out to the players that took part in those games and to the TG community. Showing once again that TG is what it has claimed to be for quite long time now; a fun and mature place to be.

    As you may or may not know, the difference in gaming style on most European and most American servers is very noticeable. So if you see me in-game and aren't quite happy with what I do, give me a week or two to get used to your "crazy" tactics ;).

    So, this was just a general "hi" and a compliment for restoring my interest in NS at the very last second :).

    *waves at Wyz*

    See you around lads ;).

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    Re: *cough*

    Welcome back dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Re: *cough*

      I was away and missed this thread. Glad to see you here ThinG, having played with you elsewhere and seen you on Looking forward to my next game.

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