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Some maps way dark?

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  • Some maps way dark?

    Last night in particular on some maps, occasionally all my brightness or light seems to be subdued to the point I can't see what's going on. This was particularly noticable in Lost and Nothing.

    I recently switched from a GeForce2 MX400 to a Radeon 9800 Pro, and I'm sure that could be a factor. My gamma is set at 2.8, as it has been forever. My monitor brightness/contrast appear to be okay (no problem seeing in maps like Hera, for example).

    I have never played around enough with the config settings to know what's optimal, I just know it doesn't look as good as it once did. Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to alleviate this? And yes, it was somewhat responsible for my poor play last night...I flat couldn't see much, especially in Lost.

    I don't want stuff cranked up to the point where I lose the atmosphere of the game...I just want to be able to see stuff in Marine Start (which was a black pit for me last night). :)

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    Re: Some maps way dark?

    I think that 'optimal' is going to based largely on specific hardware and a bit of personal preference. Try playing with the brightness and contrast of your monitor (both with the hardware buttons as well as the software settings in the drivers (Display Control panel)) to see what you can get.
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      Re: Some maps way dark?

      I had a problem like that recently and installing the latest video drivers fixed it for me.


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        Re: Some maps way dark?

        As you have said, you have switched from one type of video card to another. In daily life, an old van feels differently while driving than a new chevrolet.

        Just adjust your gamma, you don't have to lose any atmosphere, that's all up to you. The "problem", the name "change" would be more suitable imo, is that a different video card simply has different default settings in one way or the other, just like a sound card or other hardware, like monitors for instance.

        So just adjust settings in your userconfig.cfg. The config.cfg gets overwritten, even when you set it to read-only (in my experience), it's something that's hard coded into Steam.

        I'll post you a piece of config I have (I have loads of config from loads of people), if you still can't see with this one, you're either going blind or your monitor is broken :D.

        lightgamma 0
        cl_cmdrate 101
        rate 25000
        texgamma 0
        sensitivity 9.5
        gamma 10000
        brightness 10000

        That's the upper part of a userconfig.cfg. I tested it and it hurt my eyes :p. Every pc is different, every video card is different, even when it's the same card. You'll just have to adapt your settings in each case, simple as that really :).
        (If you want *atmosphere*, use lightgamma 5, it'll be like a good thriller movie :D)




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