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  • reverted welder RoF

    There is a god, and that god is kind.

    revert welder behavior (make RoF non-random)

    the current (random RoF) welder behavior is causing negative side effects, including the following:

    * welding progress bars flicker in and out
    * welder often fails to eliminate webs

    the welder behavior should be reverted to a non-random rate of fire.
    That from Mantis. Hopefully this will make it into b5. The welder has seemed much less significant to me in b4 than b4 (heh. I like to play with words.).
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    Re: reverted welder RoF

    hah wyz.
    That sounds pretty cool, i hate to when you weld and walk into webs :\
    cant wait to play b5


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      Re: reverted welder RoF

      No wonder I can't weld kill. You'd think something that can soften metal would hurt like a biznatch, but no.


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        Re: reverted welder RoF

        Originally posted by HairyNevus
        No wonder I can't weld kill. You'd think something that can soften metal would hurt like a biznatch, but no.
        The welder should deal 50 points of damage...

        bw ha ha ha ha


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          Re: reverted welder RoF

          I remember back when we'd just roll into the last alien hive with HA and welders. The skulks couldn't do anything because of how much damage the welders did and how fast you could repair armor with them.

          Damn those were good times......


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            Re: reverted welder RoF

            I thought that this was by design, to make webs a little more threatening. I didn't know they were a random time, I thought it was regular just less RoF.

            Right now I think a webbing gorge is a good balance against a horde of HA's.

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              Re: reverted welder RoF

              Knockback has been fixed.

              From the voogru (first part is talking about onos attacking structures and friendlies getting tossed around)
              This auctually happened with every weapon that has knockback.

              I've not only fixed this, but after a short demonstration thanks to grep I've noticed that the current knockback can cause players fly literally accross the map. I've made some improvments of the knockback code to prevent this from happening, and the knockback code itself is better now (at least in my opinion). Marines no longer fly like crazy when they get bit, and heavy armor has 50% less knockback than a light marine/jerkpacker. Also if they are in the air theres 50% less knockback (to prevent them from flying too far).

              I've also reduced the knockback on the bitegun to 225 instead of 300, since from what I've tested it seemed to make the LA marine fly back a bit too much.
              Sounds good

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