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  • Server jabber Client

    I would like to suggest that we have a tgnsserver jabber client user that would send a message when someone joins an empty server or while the server has fewer people than can support a NS game. People could just add the tgnsserver user to what ever jabber client they have. If it is possible we could also send messages in game steam messages. The server would send messages to the im account provided by the tg user in their forms profile.


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    Re: Server jabber Client

    Heh, an interesting idea. But i thought we had something like this, such as the java chat but it caused loads of errors.

    I don't know how usefull it would be, you can normal know when the servers will be full or when they'll be dry. And if you want to play NS, just join the server, if there are other people watching they may as well join too because then it becomes a stand off waiting game to see who joins first, hehe.

    I know no one likes playing alone, but its a good server and there is almost always someone around. and as for in game messages from out of the game, last i remeber there is already enough going on in a good game to have any more text from outside influences.


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      Re: Server jabber Client

      PCS actually had something like this for a while, based off the page_admin script I made.

      The trick is more that playing isn't about waiting for other people (most times), but about wanting to play at the right times.
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