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  • Help me...

    ... to get 15 posts.
    i want to read an sign but there is a big problem for me. i need 15 posts in this forum.
    u think there is no problem? for me it is cause i am mostly not able to undestand what you talking in the topics ^^.
    i could post answers but i think they are nonsense. ^^

    help me to get 15 posts plz ^^
    so far.
    the crazy german guy!

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    Re: Help me...

    There is no reason to post 15 times to register, infact it is discouraged (that i know of), On the page you sign in with it says the following.

    If you've less than 15 posts on the fora, you will be unable to reproduce the above as shown. Instead of the full URL, please use:
    <readandagree="/natural-selection-general-discussion/73796-read-sign-tgns-primer.html">STEAM_0:0:111111</readandagree> FORUM SPAMMING IS NOT PERMITTED, AND WILL RESULT IN A FORUM BAN. Use the method described here.
    Just use that instead of the full URL and your all set =)


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      Re: Help me...

      If you want to READ and sign, first, let me suggest READING.
      I put it all in print for a reason, people.
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