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review demos of this morning

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  • review demos of this morning

    Please review the HLTV demo (and consider banning) nearly everyone (except me :)) who was playing on co_umbra, which started around 5:15AM GMT-4. They were constantly attacking eachother and their own base/hive and it was quite frustrating. I did tk someone, but that was just to stop them from attacking the hive (skulk biting hive non stop).

    I play on TG occasionally, but never really had a reason to sign up to the forums because I don't really read/post on forums, but this just frustrated me enough that I thought I'd finally sign up to post about this. Now maybe I can get rid of that darn ? over my consti icon. :P

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    Re: review demos of this morning

    Thanks for signing up and all, but a public thread isn't how we deal with these things here.

    A suggestion for this forum (and all others on the internet, actually): read up on the forum/community rules before you go posting.
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