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Server changing routing?

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  • Server changing routing?

    I'm having this issue that happens every day...
    I get about 70-80 ping during the day.
    Once 10:00 PM PST hits, it seems like the servers routing changes to me, and I end up with 140-150 ping.
    Anyone know of anything about this?

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    Re: Server changing routing?

    Do a tracert to the server before and after 10pm and see if there's a difference, but i don't expect you'll find anything there.

    If it's that regular, there's likely something else goin on; check you processes, check other computers on your network, check/disable wireless network if you have one.

    Also take note of what else is happening at that time. Does a roommate, neighbour come home? Does a security system turn on? etc...


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      Re: Server changing routing?

      Yea, it seems people have been having trouble with pings at peak times...


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        Re: Server changing routing?

        I've had the same thing happen before, and it was definitely the network between my workstation and the server (close to me sometimes; close to the server sometimes; sometime in between).

        Also, I've had problems like that which ended up being problems on my workstation.

        It it were the server box itself, we'd all be feeling it equally (for the most part).
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