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  • Heyas!

    Hey everyone how is it going?? So its been a few months since I have been around internet and I can tell ya I am missing it. I got dial up today, part of me cheers to be back in touch with the internet world but my god i spent all night accomplishing like 3 things.

    Anyway, I just wanted to stop in and say hi. I talked to Fooker and he seemed to have a tainted mind and trying to get me to play TF2. I had to remind him he was a nub and NS is better. Anyway I hope everything has been going well on TG and maybe I can load up my computer one weekend and run to my parents for a little bit of play. I just hope the servers aren't empty that night :(

    Have fun play safe.

    <3 Chiller

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    Re: Heyas!

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      Re: Heyas!

      It'd be an adjustment to be a few months without Internet :-/. My productivity would probably skyrocket if I didn't have it myself :P
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        Re: Heyas!

        I'd be unable to make a post like Chiller's, because I'd still be crying over the loss of internet.

        Welcome back (kinda) Chiller. We look forward to your eventual return to gaming.
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