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    I have written a little plugin for the server which lets members give XP to bots. The idea is that, if you're just screwing around on an empty server, you can increase the odds that you'll be fighting against higher lifeforms. If you give the aliens XP, they'll likely use it by gestating to a higher lifeform.

    I've not made the plugin very user friendly, but it works. I wrote it very quickly and put function before form.

    To use it, issue the following command from the console:

    wblvl <id> <lvl>

    Where <id> is the server slot which the target bot is in and <lvl> is the level that you want that bot raised to in XP. You can use the 'status' command to determine which slot a bot is in.

    For example, if you want the bot in slot 5 to be raised to Level 16, issue the following command:

    wblvl 5 16

    Like I said.. not pretty, but it works.

    Feedback welcomed.
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