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Members/Admins: Call for CDOPT

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  • Members/Admins: Call for CDOPT

    I have just deployed to the server the following say command:

    say /cdopt

    Any admin (temp or otherwise) issuing this command acknowledges that he is prepared to admin to the best of his ability, and in the best interest of all players on the server, whatever and whomever joins the server should CD be set to OPTIONAL. Essentially, you're calling for CDOPT.

    If your call for CDOPT is answered (say /cdopt) within 30 seconds by an admin on the other team, CD will be set to OPTIONAL for the duration of the map presently being played. This is a game, and people sometimes leave unexpectedly, but the idea is that the admins who call for CDOPT will make a good faith effort to keep the server enjoyable for the regulars and members for the duration of the map.

    Please provide feedback on this experiment in this thread.
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    Re: Members/Admins: Call for CDOPT

    Thanks Wyz!
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