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Re-Opening Petition for 3.0 Suicide Timer

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  • Re-Opening Petition for 3.0 Suicide Timer

    I guess I have to reopen this topic since it was closed before more discussions could be brought to the topic. There aren't only 10 ppl on the server guys... let others chime in jeeze.

    And I didn't even get to chime back in. It just looks like we can't even have a valid discussion and your just going to be firm and not even CONSIDER this.

    Re-opening of Petition for 3.0 seconds suicide timer.

    I honestly like the idea of DEFAULT/COMPETATIVE LEAGUE/Etc... timers set to the proper settings. If I need to build base/save base and Im all the way in Cargo (Anymap). A single skulk rush on a small near empty server can be annoying. 15 seconds is enough time to kill the observatory... AND YOU STILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE RESPAWN. Sure the comm could jump out... but he might die and if it was 3 seconds I could be on RESPAWN while the comm jumps out and distracts him long enough and dies and I spawn in and finish before he gets back to the observatory.

    This shouldn't be frowned apon as its apart of the game when BOTH TEAMS can use it. No ones at the first hive and no MCs and your scared about the first hive? Why not? You still have to wait for respawn time... Thats what it is there fore. /kill with sgs / hmgs wont happen much and the same with /kill with fades/onos.

    Honestly there are admins there policing the server and if it got out of hand they could handle it. We should be allowed 3.0 seconds. Its not like it could be easily missed if someone kills themselves repeatedly to harm the server?(take up a server slot basically)... You don't even need to be on the same team (like to say stop mic spam/annoying people).

    I did have time to read the other thread though. I just hope more people than just a couple can chime in before closing the thread this time.

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    Re: Re-Opening Petition for 3.0 Suicide Timer

    When an Admin closes a thread the discussion is normaly closed.

    Reasons 3.0 timer is not here:

    1: Considering we have /stuck, you should have no reason to use it to escape being stuck

    2: Deninig a player satisfaction of a kill / the other team of RFK is unsportsman like and against TG's code.

    3: Killing yourself to end the game does not matter if it is 3 or 15 or 30 secs, it'll happen.

    4: Admittedly you have a gun, but working up the courage to shoot yourself is at least 15 secs, and i'm sure the actual suicide is some synide pill that takes 15 secs to burst.

    5: You'd have to wait though the respawn to get back to base anyway, you do more damage out on the map and running back to base or relocating isn't that hard.

    6: While yes, there are more people then 10 on the server, the other people either are not regesitred or do not take an active roll (mostly).

    7: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Wyz gave plenty of time for people to 'chime in' Discussion is good and all, but in my opinion the timer is fine where it is.


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      Re: Re-Opening Petition for 3.0 Suicide Timer

      I agree... this topic is closed and I don't see the /kill timer changing and for good reasons. I say we move StarClaws response to the closed thread and consider this his final argument and delete this thread so we stop opening cans of worms.
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        Re: Re-Opening Petition for 3.0 Suicide Timer

        I like to leave posts undeleted/etc unless I really just can't avoid it.
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