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Nem discusses current NS situation

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  • Nem discusses current NS situation

    Interesting quote:

    Originally posted by Nemesis Zero
    At the end of B5's development cycle, which had been 'unnecessarily' extended because Flayra, who still did almost all work on NS to that date, had to move to keep himself fed, he started assembling a new, extended dev team, first Elven_Thief and voogru, who worked under his strict direction at that time (so stop blaming voog for blockscripts), then MadMaXX, who takes care of the sounds of NS (and yes, he is aware of the public's reception of the JP sounds. It was a mixing issue.). Later, it became apparent that this only meant Charlie had traded direct coding time for time organizing the coders, which was unfortunate since he needs a hell of a lot more time to maintain UWE and its projects. Thus, others, including myself, were appointed to take over on the day to day organization of the team and to further contribute to the actual code. Note that the community management team, the IRC ops and forum admins / mods, are not members of the dev team, although I happen to supervise both groups.
    So now, we have Flayra, directing the development by making design decisions and the likes, Joev, organizing the development team, deciding who is to tackle which objective when, me, managing the product, deciding what to put into which build of NS and when to release each, voogru, puzl, Elven_Thief, Brig and MadMaXX actually contributing stuff, Tyr organizing the maps and supporting our 'external' contributors, the mappers, and grepdashv taking care of the QA side of things in concert with the PT Leads. Zunni, then, sits among us and gets grey hairs trying to explain this mess to you.
    This structure has only been in place since shortly before Beta 5's release and is still constantly changing since none of us can hope to commit as much time as Charlie did. So, while the designer of NS and its direction remains the same, I think you can see why this big an overhaul will change a few things.
    I hope this explains a few 'irregularities' that popped up between the release of B4a and now, and makes it easier to understand who you are actually directing your criticism at.
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    Re: Nem discusses current NS situation

    Tis unfortunate...but I dunno how this was even a problem. It was clearly stated on who was doing what now. *shrug*
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