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Paints + sprites not viewing properly.

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  • Paints + sprites not viewing properly.

    I've had a problem where I can't see other peoples paint sprays and such wierdness. In the place of their paint all I see is a red splotch thing. (I'll get a screen shot of it). Also, from time to time my screen will flash completely red and all the map textures will be jumbled up, and here is the REALY strange thing. As a marine, I can shine my flashlight on the messed up textures and they turn back to normal. Also, when it gets jumbled the text of the net graph and in the console turns into something that looks like machine code.

    I've been told that I have a corrupted file in my NS folder, I've also been told that my vid card is over heating. I think I've disproven these theories as I've completely reinstalled HL and NS many times, and bios tells me that my card temp is fine.

    If anyone has a clue I would appreciate it.
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    Re: Paints + sprites not viewing properly.

    Screenies would be very much appreciated...including the flashlight thing. Also, sitting in your BIOS checkin out your card temp isn't an accurate reading, considering you should only be having heat issues when your vid card is under stress.
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