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Unwanted support from other countries

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  • Unwanted support from other countries

    Its good to know the your NS server is so full that you are happy to turn away old members and fresh players from your community.

    It is also nice to know that you are happy to kick player because of where they live.

    Well I guess you do not need the time of players to seed your servers any more, after all the admin that was on today was too busy owning bots to care about real players.

    So I would thank you for the many years I have supported your community, and its nice to know that you do not want other countries playing on your servers

    Since you do not need promoting any more, then there is no need for me or others to link or support this community.

    Thanks again.


    (6..~)Z Z z z....

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    Re: Unwanted support from other countries

    Clearly, this is lies.

    The bots always win.
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