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Educating folks' about the TGNS Waiting Room

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  • Educating folks' about the TGNS Waiting Room

    Ag's solution has definitely been responsible for my coming into the server lately. I have very limited time on the PC, and so do others, and it works wonderfully.

    Its real strength, though, is in numbers. Read on to understand how to use Steam's feature which helps people learn about the TGNS Waiting Room.

    You can do this during a game or after a game.

    Open your Friends list in Steam. You'll see a menu at the top of the window named "Players". This will show you folks with whom you're currently playing or have recently played.

    You can follow along, right now, as you read this. Fire up your Steam, open your friends list, and see what I'm talking about.

    You can view each player's "SteamID page". There is an "Actions" section on the right. Using the "Invite to join your group" link, you can invite that player to join the "Tactical Gamer NS Waiting Room" group. If that group doesn't appear as an option for you, they're already in the group!

    If they want to join, they join. If not, they don't. Take note of whom you're inviting and try not to invite them over and over again.

    The more folks we have in the group, the more likely we are to seed the server quickly when an announcement goes out that it's being seeded.

    Note: this Steam feature (inviting to groups) seems a bit buggy. Be patient and keep trying it from time to time. It's a great thing to invest 30 seconds in each time you finish a great gaming session on TGNS (and it increases the odds you'll have another one soon).
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    Re: Educating folks' about the TGNS Waiting Room

    One question I have on this topic that someone may have an answer to. Is there any way to figure out which steam name in the players section corresponds to which name you actually see on the server? Many people use different names for steam and NS, which means if I'm trying to invite people afterwards I don't have any clue who half of them are, which is less than ideal. "Hi, we had to kick you 5 times, care to join our steam group?" Oops...


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      Re: Educating folks' about the TGNS Waiting Room

      People smurf for multiple reasons other than ban evasion but, I just wanted to comment on the difference between in-game names and steam id names. One thing is so people are not added by anyone. So if there is some guy that you play with just ask him what his friends name is. He probably won't mind adding you to friends but, he is avoiding getting invites from random baddies, <BAD> members, ect. In a perfect world this would not matter but, obviously, invisibility is an issue and no one whines more than an NS downie. Honestly tell me people don't cry constantly whether your rolling them or you won't lock down a hive, the list of downie strats GOES on. Basically it serves the purpose of control. They don't want to be harassed so they choose a random name. I'm sure there are more reasons but that is the one I am most familiar with.




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