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    Just wanted to remind people that blocking of elevators in the TG NS server isn't allowed per this post:

    It happened last night. I reminded the person, and TK'd the towers. They even helped me TK them. All was well. Except for someone without admin rights threatening to ban the person... Not everyone that plays on the server reads the forums guys, so have patience.
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    Re: Reminder

    Thank you, Wuss.

    Originally posted by ImAWuss
    so have patience
    Another reminder to consider:

    When someone enters the server with a CD problem, please, no matter what, treat them with respect and a sincere effort to assist or keep silent.

    When someone on our server is trying to STAY on our server DESPITE problems with CD, it's quite likely that they have the attitude we like to see in new guests. Work with them. :) Show them what a nice guy you are and offer what help you can, even if it means you miss out on some of the action, or even if your team takes a hit.

    You may screw up one game, but it's very possible you'll help create a regular.
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