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OT: Any interest in CS: S

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  • OT: Any interest in CS: S

    Hi everyone!

    Hope the infiltration of a CSer isn't out of line here...

    Just wondering if there is much interest in CS: S in the NS crowd and/or if any of you would be into taking part in a "CS night", or even just get on and support the server once in a while. I playing with one of the NS regulars a while back so there must be a few of you who have Source preloaded already, yes?

    Anyway, you guys obviously have a great thing going with NS, thriving actually, just trying to drum-up some support for the infant CS: S server here at TG. Thanks a lot! :icon7:

    Best regards, DeRanger

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    Re: OT: Any interest in CS: S

    ::sniffs:: (cs'er!! in ns forums.) ::mauls::

    no its cool, cing comes in here and he never plays.. least he knows where the cool kids are :P

    ive got cs:s on this comp, but it runs terribly. it'll work fine on my next machine once i finish that


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      Re: OT: Any interest in CS: S

      Soon, hopefully. My birthday is coming up soon, and I'm forbidden to buy anything for myself. :-/
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        Re: OT: Any interest in CS: S

        I just got a new gfix card, so ill play more often... But when HL2 comes out, say buh bye for at least 2 or 3 months, cuz im going to play, replay and rerererererererererererererepaly it...


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          Re: OT: Any interest in CS: S

          I have CS and wouldn't mind showing up o nthe server so count me in. I am not good in the least so show some mercy.
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            Re: OT: Any interest in CS: S

            from my experience playing CS:S on my brothers computer, i will not even install it on my own.

            The graphix are awesome, so are the physics, and all in all its a great game, but theres a specific and sifnificant problem:


            You thought there were quite a few BS headshots in 1.6?

            Welcome to CS:S.
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              Re: OT: Any interest in CS: S

              You think the HS are off, wait till you see the barrel kills... I was walking and someone threw a nade, makeing the barrel hit/kill me...

              okay so it wasnt the barrel that killed me, but itd b cool if it was...

              Oh ya, the rag doll physics are cool... seeing people fly up and stuff near exploding stuff...




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