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  • bots and points

    I just wanted to invite everyone to join the server when it's empty and play against bots. Why? So far when I've done it, it's proven to be an effective way to fill up the server. Also, it's hella fun!

    If you're a TG member:
    - Press ~ to open your console.
    - Type "wbmgr add" (without quotes) for each bot you want to add

    If you're not a member:
    - Press ~ to open your console.
    - Type "points spend bots" (without quotes) to spend 50 points and enable bots.
    - Type "p_wbmgr add" (without quotes) for each bots you want to add
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    Re: bots and points

    The points cost will soon be rising, but your point is valid and stands regardless.

    They do seem surprisingly effective at filling the server.
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      Re: bots and points

      I agree. I have done this a few times recently and it has yet to fail in drawing a few other players.
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        Re: bots and points

        Since it is useful at filling the server, perhaps the point cost should be far cheaper if only 1 -3 people are on the server.
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          Re: bots and points

          I am Team Leader

          or was it wofl leadeR?
          those bots sucked


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            Re: bots and points

            [Object] Mine Found!


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              Re: bots and points

              I am now a pack leader.
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