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  • NS2 Achievements

    When NS2 was still being developed on the Source Engine, I had high hopes for achievements. With Unknown Worlds still mentioning that they're gonna be using Steam as a content delivery system and using Steamworks, there's still the great possibility of Achievements.

    I'd love to whip up some pictures but my skill in Vector based artwork still eludes me. So instead here's the simple text versions.

    Victory Egg: At the end of the round, be caught in the act of gestation so you appear as such in the Ready Room.
    Mono a Mono: Knife a skulk to death.
    Pistol Whipped: Land the final blow on an Onos with your pistol
    I See Dead People: Parasite a Marine to death
    A Gorgeous Death: Healspray a Marine to death
    What's That Smell?!: As a lerk kill 5 marines with your toxic gas in one life
    We All Scream For Ice Cream!: Allow for 5 of your team mates to score a kill while under the effect of your primal scream in one life
    Ticking Time Bomb: As a skulk blow yourself up, killing 3 marines at once
    Blind 'Nade: Kill an alien lifeform with a dropped 'nade after you yourself have died

    Anyone else got some? I know there's not too many for everyone yet so I'd like some feedback and thoughts of your own :D

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    Re: NS2 Achievements

    Going down the Line: Kill a skulk with the LMG, Pistol, and knife all with out reloading.

    Chooo-choo: Weld a heavy, while being welded by an other heavy

    Rambo, your doing it wrong: Die with over 20 res worth of equipment, with out killing a single alien.

    Rambo, your doing it right: Kill over 3 times the value of your equipment in alien life with out other player's help.

    Dances with Skulks: Kill more than 4 skulks in under 30 seconds.

    Ankle Biter: Kill a heavy as a skulk

    Game Ender: Get the killing blow on 3 hives in a single round

    Wrecking Crew: Kill more than 6 res nodes in a single round

    Faded: Die to the same fade, 5 times in a single round.

    Big Gamer Hunter: Kill more than 200 res worth of alien lifeforms in a single life.


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      Re: NS2 Achievements

      Ooh nice, that's pretty hard to kill a heavy as a skulk :)

      This is my boom stick: Expell every shell of your ammo into a skulk without reloading, killing one with each shot.
      Rocket Man: Fly without touching the ground with your jetback for over 300 yards.
      Sunny Side Up: Kill an alien lifeform while it's still in the act of gestation.
      Speed Lighting: Within 10 seconds of a beacon, kill an alien lifeform.
      Head Humper: As a skulk, kill a marine by leaping onto their head.
      Monstrous Appetite: As an Onos, swallow and digest 5 marines in one life.
      Spider Trap: As a gorge, make sure your web leads to the death of a marine while entangled.
      Why is this not working? Weld an alien to death.
      Frequent Flier Miles: Accumulate over 100,000 yards airborn, as either a lerk, and/or a marine with a jetpack.


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        Re: NS2 Achievements

        Kill Wyz and then teabag him


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          Re: NS2 Achievements

          Originally posted by xtcmen View Post
          Kill Wyz and then teabag him
          Impossible, it never happens :P


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            Re: NS2 Achievements

            Originally posted by Sirusblk View Post
            Impossible, it never happens :P
            Just convince him to fade. Should be easy after that!
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