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    H'Okay i do believe there was an old thread about this (tbear started it i think) but maybe that was a little old for the newer members. i wont point any fingers but i'll list some stuff.

    Seriously guys i come to the server to play not to hear about x or y. or what you did today, or who you killed. or some picture. tg hosts the server so we can play not so we can talk about that ****. Please use IRC/aim/icq/msn/yahoo/whatever the hell you want for this. and you people who know eachother in rl we have phones, yes PHONES.. where you can talk remotely to other people. i know its shocking! technology these days..

    AND if you really, really need to talk about some bs that you did today get a freaking TS channel and have people join that. just make sure you dont have ns voice and ts voice bound to the same button b/c we dont want to hear that ****.

    edit: is sh!t really that bad of a word? .. we can say damn, ya?

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    Re: voice comms

    Here is the IP address of the TeamSpeak server:

    You can Google for 'TeamSpeak' to learn more about it if you don't know what it is.

    It's great that we all get along so well that we feel so comfortable yabbering it up during games (myself included sometimes), but jackel's right: keep the voicecomms about the game.
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