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  • How?

    How the hell do you peopel do it? As skulk the only way to kill is to get right behind a marine and hope for the best. As marine, you can put all the ****ign bullets you want to into a skulk, and hell survive. I can get behind someone, and the instantly turn around and pop off one shot, killing me on .1 secs
    As Marine, I cant even DREAM of doing that
    Im lucky if i hit him twice before i'm dead.

    What the **** is the damn secret? what am i missing? Practive cant be it, as I would show at least marginal improvement. What is it I'm missing? ive tried at this game for 2 months, and am no better than when i started, and unless i get better, im just going to give up and move back to Enemy Territory.

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    Re: How?

    heh it takes time. you should watch the way people play, its quite interesting. besides half the people can bhop which increases the speed of all the aliens which makes it harder for normal marines to shoot you because .. damn they are coming at ya so damn fast your just freakin out.. its scary when enigma comes down the hallway at you.

    Hm, maybe you have a hitbox problem. maybe play with rate, cl_updaterate etc etc, i think wyz knows all of them and what they should be at.


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      Re: How?

      Originally posted by adulus
      ive tried at this game for 2 months
      Give it more time. I have been playing since the summer of 2003, and there are times I consistently get owned.

      Always try new things, use headphones and listen carefully, and play regularly.

      You may want to try messing with your mouse sensitivity in game. I have gotten significantly better since I jacked my sensitivity to 35. 35 probably wont work for you because of hardware differences, but mess with it so that you can turn around completely without lifting the mouse. Oh, and turn off mouse accelleration, this can be tricky in windows XP (requires editing the registry, let me know if you want details).
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        Re: How?

        Don't listen to those two. They're just covering up the truth.

        We've got all the 1337 hacks and if you want in, meet in the alley behind Google, right next to MSN. We've got to be quiet cuz if they find out.... wait...... OMG WYZ NO!....BLARG!

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          Re: How?

          As alien, it helps to know how many hits you need to land. One of the resident clanners can tell you all about it. :) I found a hit calculator once, but I seem to have misplaced its URL.

          As marines (and on aliens, but I think moreso as a human) sound is key, followed by a pretty intimate knowledge of your surroundings. That knowledge isn't just map knowledge, it's also current intel: looking at the minimap, knowing where nodes are up or down, who just died where, etc. Marines generally aren't fast enough to react to surprise, so if someone is gunning you down constantly, it's probably because they know you're coming.
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            Re: How?

            MT = really helpful

            cri has a dmg calc but it wont let me use it.. :\


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              Re: How?

              Ya, i was pretty bad compared to some of the players around here, now im just bad... I too think they have some supernatural ablilities, but with cheating-death, i dont think(hope) they can cheat...

              Just a question, have you been a marine against enigma as skulk, its very fustrating... But im learning from him as much as i can, and sometimes i get lucky, and pull some of his cool like moves...


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                Re: How?

                As a skulk don't stop moving. Ambush unless you are really lucky. However I am starting to ambush more as alot of our new and reg players are really good making frontal assualt (my favorite) pretty much useless. Also a high sensitivity helps an example is Larry and me play at like 16 sense. It might not help at first but once you get used to it you will do better. For a marine just keep your distance. As korm said headphones or 7.1 (5.1) sound is even better. Also a high sensitivity for marines helps out too. Other then that just pratice.
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                  Re: How?

                  Secret #1: Calm down. Jesus. Why do you always get so upset about every little thing?

                  Secret #2: Practice. For both teams, it's really always a combination of aim and movement. You have to learn how to move as a skulk to get a good compromise between evasiveness and distance covering, and how to dodge as a marine. You have to get better at aiming the LMG and minimizing wasted bullets, and aiming/timing your bites. A missed bite is nobody's fault but yours, and NEVER just hold down the button and hope for the best. Even if you're within melee range, time aiming your next bite is better spent than time recovering from a miss. Panicking will always get you killed. Besides that, I don't know what to tell you, just keep playing and you'll start to pick it up.


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                    Re: How?

                    Or you can do like me.. get cloaking, and walk around and sneak up on them :P


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                      Re: How?

                      Ok thanks for the tips. Last night was getting frustrating, but before i logged off Hit a public server, and got second on the board. I am getting better, but it's not really noticeable here, because I forgot a key thing: Most people here are considerably experienced. So im just gonna go on pub server a while and come back.

                      Besides, a night of from NS made it less frustrating :p


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                        Re: How?


                        Try some of these and practice with it for a few weeks. Low sensitivity really helps you track aliens/marines if you practice.


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                          Re: How?

                          Alrighty...first off, I saw a comment about a pub...pubs, generally, are not an indication of any sort of advanced skill. My brother can take first in most pubs and he's never played a shooter in his life, and played NS all of twice.

                          2) Sound is very important. My 5.1 provides an incredible ammount of awareness...I've heard people get the same effect from headphones. They also make 5.1 headphones, and would be significantly cheaper than a 5.1 system I imagine.

                          3) Focus. Its a VERY difficult thing to learn to do. You *have* to maintain concentration at all times. The second you get flustered, you're a dead man. If you miss due to some fancy footwork by the enemy, just let off your trigger, re-aim, and take him out. Don't let it get to you. Intimidation and enragement are two of the most deadly factors on the battefield, occasionally an alien or marine will go out of their way to piss you off, because it makes you an easier target the whoel game. Again...don't let it get to you, just shrug it off, and counter.

                          4) Intel. Your map (bound to C and M by default) is an extremely important tool. If you're walking down a familiar corridor, and you're confident theres nothing around, take a glance at your map. Enemy structures and creatures, as well as thing that are under attack, display in red. White is your fellow teammates, blue is friendly structures. A constant knowledge of what it going on all over the map is important, as it gives you a general idea where the enemy is and what they're doing, as well as what you need to be doing. Parasite as often as you can, both as a ranged weapon (it'll eventually kill a marine, and/or make him retreat into a more vulrable position and/or make the comm waste a lot of res on him, and also use it for intel purposes. Motion tracking is your friend...but not a lot of comms around here research it, I know I don't unless I get an incredible node surge at the beginning of the game.

                          5) personal skill. The first thing, regarding being a marine, to learn when it comes to shooting, is to learn the movements of aliens. Theres only a few primary alien movements that work excepptionally well, get to know them, and your prediction aiming skill will be significantly increased. Also, practice efficent shooting. It only takes 5 pistol bullets to kill a standard issue skulk, and only something like 12-14 LMG bullets. Try your hardest to use less than half a clip of LMG ammo on a single'll save your life more than once when you don't have to reload. Also practice pistol speed...don't use a script or anything, just practice squeezing off rounds quickly and accurately. I can get my 5 killing bullets off in less than a pretty slick. Combat (co_) is a great place to practice these skills....however, if you really truely want to get better, play combat with only your LMG and pistol (and accessories such as resupply, motion tracking, catalyst, etc). Buying HMGs and such don't afford you any practice because they're very very rarely used. If your shotgun skills are lacking (most people have it down pretty quick) also toy with that in combat.

                          As an alien...learn to bunnyhop, I can't stress that enough. It truely is an essential skill. I'm sure someone around here can teach you at some time, we all know how pretty much.

                          So...sound, focus, intel, skill practice. It all comes with time, but its going to feel very natural after a bit. Focus, again, is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY important. Do NOT let the enemy get you flustered.

                          Also, I believe someone mentioned rates and such cvars...definately play with them. If you have cable/DSL and up-to-date equipment, try these (type them in your console, or your userconfig.cfg [or config.cfg if you have yours write protected already])
                          rate 25000
                          cl_rate 9999
                          cl_updaterate 101
                          cl_cmdrate 101
                          ex_interp 0.07
                          dl_max 768

                          also, if you don't have them set already
                          hud_fastswitch 1
                          cl_musicenable 0
                          are very important cvars (fastswitch turns off the requirement to click fire when switching weapons, and musiccenable 0 obviously turns off the music [for sound purposes]).
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                            Re: How?

                            have you tried steroids?
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                              Re: How?

                              Lots of caffiene for alertness. mountain dew is king because of the large quantities you can consume and has a side benefit of re-hydrating your body after the 3rd can. Although any assortment of energy drinks are also desirable.

                              Awareness of commonly used ambush locations (if your a marine) and finding odd area ambush places (if your a skulk)


                              Practice and experience.

                              And last but not least, Psionic powers of Awesomeness to manipulate your foes into making foolish mistakes (might be hard if your in lack of awesomeness and/or psionic powers) :icon19:




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