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    [ January 9th, 2005 ] :: Constellation Beta coming up. (Nemesis Zero)

    As we announced shortly before Christmas, we're going to open the test of Natural Selection 3.0 Beta 6 to the Constellation members. If everything goes according to plan, this is going to happen within the next few hours.
    If you are a Constellation member and interested in participating in the test, please keep an eye on the Constellation forum (the password to which can be found in your notes). You may also receive mail if your profile e-mail address is up to date.

    The test build will be based on the beta 6 changelog that was announced before Christmas, which has only been slightly extended since then.

    We'll see you in-game!

    (ten characters.. ftw)

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    Re: ns 3.0b6

    I will be standing up a beta6 server myself.

    The address will be

    I'm not sure when it will go up, as I have errands to run around town today and may be out when beta6 is released.

    At this stage, the NS dev team has stated that only Constellation members will be able to connect to beta6 servers. It is a limited beta release.

    As I will be sharing the log data from this server with the NS dev team, no plugins whatsoever will be installed on the server.
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