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those handy weapons binds

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  • those handy weapons binds

    Guys and Gals,
    A bit ago, somebody posted some nice binds. Went something along the lines of this: weapon_pistol, weapon_wielder.


    drew the 952

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    Re: those handy weapons binds

    This stems from copying weapon_pistol verbatim into the forum search field.

    You just got served.


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      Re: those handy weapons binds

      OMG someone linked to a post I made! I feel honored.

      bind "5" "weapon_welder"

      is your best friend ^^ So your comm it free to research hand grenades and give out mines and you don't have to fumble for your welder when you need it in battle ^^.
      --T3C[]-[]N0 []v[]UFF1N

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        Re: those handy weapons binds

        I got welder, grenade, and mines bound to '-' '=' and 'backspace' and it works nice. 5,6,and 7 would do but I needed slots bound for something else.


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          Re: those handy weapons binds

          Muffin and I later discussed an improvement to the posted binds, but I can't recall what it was?

          You remember, muffin?
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            Re: those handy weapons binds

            Using the actual weapon_name will respond faster than slot#.

            Slot 1
            _____LMG - weapon_machinegun
            _____Shotgun - weapon_shotgun
            _____HMG - weapon_heavymachinegun
            _____Grenade launcher - weapon_grenadegun
            Slot 2
            _____Pistol - weapon_pistol
            Slot 3
            _____Knife - weapon_knife
            Slot 4
            _____Welder - weapon_welder
            _____Mines - weapon_mine
            _____Grenade - weapon_grenade

            _____Bite - weapon_bitegun
            _____Patasite - weapon_parasite
            _____Leap - weapon_leap
            _____Xenocide - weapon_divinewind
            _____Spit - weapon_spit
            _____Healspray - weapon_healingspray
            _____Bile bomb - weapon_bilebombgun
            Web - weapon_webspinner
            _____Bite - weapon_bite2gun
            _____Spores - weapon_spore
            _____Umbra - weapon_umbra
            Primal scream - weapon_primalscream
            _____Swipe - weapon_swipe
            _____Blink - weapon_blink
            _____Metabolize - weapon_metabolize
            _____Acid rocket - weapon_acidrocketgun
            _____Gore - weapon_claws
            _____Devour - weapon_devour
            _____Stomp - weapon_stomp
            _____Charge - weapon_charge


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              Re: those handy weapons binds

              Well, if you are the kevlar that i am thinking of/know....

              Welcome to tactical-gamer!

              Your posting here for the first time, along with the EG website and server down, partially confirms my suspicion that elasticalgomez is dead... I only need verbal confirmation from you to be 100% sure...

              This is probably the #1 best NS community you will ever find, even more so than EG... largely due to the admins but also because of the members here...

              If you DONT know me, then ignore all that =P
              Prejudice sucks:
              Do not judge me by my past, for I have changed.

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                Re: those handy weapons binds

                Yes it is me, and once again you spoke prematurely... (TY for the welcome)

                Elastical Gomez is not dead. We are currently building an l33t server that is going to be located on the phattest pipe north of the Mississippi (central). Hosting 3 NS servers CO and NS only one CAL config for clanners to use and one more for #nspickup. CS:Source of course and the one more undecideded server atm.

                I like TG alot because it's not full of the nub crouds that populate most servers. I like FF alot and CD - that's another plus. I do like playing pick team games - we were doing that back in 1.02 on EG and it's hella fun.

                I'm all about the teamwork and goood games that makes up TG, that is why I showed up here finally. That and I wanted to find out how to get a reserved slot. :/


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                  Re: those handy weapons binds

                  well, the cool thing about TG is they accomodate us constellation members... I say this because i know that you are one.

                  The way it works in TG is that constellation membersare considered "last" for the kick... meaning it will kick everyone that dosent have a reserved slot and is not a constellation member first before starting to kick consties...

                  I know, its not a reserved slot, but its something, a little thanks to us consties. The cool thing about getting a res slot on TG is you get it for all their servers that span several games, so its especially good if you play those other games...

                  Ya know, i might actually join EG when they get their servers back up, even though caucasian is an asshat, i wouldnt mind too much if i get banned again for standing up for myself... I'd just play on there for nostalgia purposes....

                  Hope to play with you again sometime on TG...
                  Prejudice sucks:
                  Do not judge me by my past, for I have changed.

                  DarkHunter == Blackjackel.


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                    Re: those handy weapons binds

                    That would be cool blackjackel. I can tell by playing with you as of late that your way more mature and even helping people out in-game. I know you wont have a problem with Cauc. or any of us if you keep it up.

                    I'm not a constie... I used to be able to lock down a semi-res. spot with my veteran status until that got shut down.
                    Nominate me for RSR please. ;-)




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